Bloomberg: Travel Restricted Into NYC


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that passenger vehicles will be limited getting into Manhattan.

The four East River bridges will be limited to travel into Manhattan with vehicles of three or more people, Bloomberg said. The same restrictions are being made to the Hudson River bridges, except for the George Washington Bridge.

“If you are coming in anything other than the GWB you will have to have 3 people in your car,” Bloomberg said.

The lack of subways has meant extreme traffic in the city. The MTA said today that usually 2.3 million people take buses in the city each day, and another 5 million take the subways. So you do the math.

Bloomberg said that 643,000 people in NYC are still without power.

“Business in the city is on its way back,” Bloomberg said.


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  1. Does this include livery vehicles too? I am taking a car service to JFK tomorrow and there will only be the driver and myself? I need to know now before I reserve the car!

  2. Is there any support for those commuting from NJ into the city? They have no power and no way to coordinate a carpool but are expected to show up at work in Manhattan.

  3. I recently had a stent put in to my heart and I have a required appointment with my cardiologist on the upper east side. My wife is the only person who can drive me. I called for a car service, but they are unavailable.

  4. Memo to “The Prisoner of City Hall” guess what City Employees use CAR to get to work and when there is no or limited transportation.

    You just can’t order everyone in and not have a plan to get them IN AND OUT.

    Then their are those who DO NOT HAVE CARS and need to be picked up and drop off and then returned.


    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

  5. Marlene Baragano on

    I am in Boston with my car and need to get home today for a doctor appointment, what should I do?

  6. Does this mean if your enter NYC from GWB you will be able to get to your destination point in NYC or Police will prevent you from entering on West or East side highways???

  7. just the facts on

    mayor bloomberg should not just issue an executive order excluding all single drivers from
    the some of the above posters make clear there are medically necessary procedures
    and tests etc that should be exculded from the order…anyone who has a diagnostic
    test or medical appointment should be able to present an email from their physician and be
    allowed to drive into the city reason not to do this..doctors are not going to abuse
    it for those not having appointments and since new york is the medical care center of the
    world many people living outside the city should not be deprived of seeing their physicians
    or having their tests…its not complicated mayor do the right thing

  8. Will the 3 person restriction be enforced on Monday, Nov. 5? We are two people trying to return to our home in NYC in a private car. Thank you for information.

  9. I have a doctors appt. in the city on Friday, will I be able to get to the city with two people in car. Hope you can help me find out if the restriction is still on. Thank you