Westchester prevented again from increasing child care costs for subsidized families


A state appellate judge has stopped Westchester County from implementing a cost increase to parents in the county’s subsidized child care programs that was scheduled to go into effect today.

The temporary restraining order, the second in the long-running court fight between Democratic legislators and the administration of Republican  County Executive Rob Astorino, will be in place until a hearing by a panel of judges for the appellate division, second department scheduled for next Wednesday.

The legislators have been fighting the plan by the Department of Social Services to raise the parent share of child care costs from 20 percent of income above the poverty line to 35 percent. Most of the thousands of families in the programs make less than 200 percent of the poverty line.

DSS officials argue the change is needed because the program will run out of money before the end of the year. Child care advocates have argued it will stress already stressed families and possibly push some out of licensed day care.

The increase was first scheduled to go into effect June 1 but was postponed after a Supreme Court judge granted a restraining order. The case was dismissed in August and the legislators appealed. Meanwhile, DSS rescheduled the increase for Nov. 1, notifying the parents of the increase for the second time.

There is also a restraining order in place in a second child care case challenging the county’s plan to freeze applications to the programs.


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  1. Yes, i think it should not be increased because there are many family who can’t afford this increment, so there must be subsidy for those family. Those family have no option beside sending their child in child care center and whole day they are struggling for survival.

  2. Ssmart New Yrkrs on

    Astorino has indicated he intends to rebuild a boardwalk (without consulting any elected lawmakers in Westchester) and spend millions to do so
    But when it comes to supporting WORKING SINGLE MOMS with the child care subsidy he intends to fight on to prevent them from working.

    Crazy mixed up logic: Lumber more important than keeping single moms on jobs producing income taxes for the economy

  3. Boardwalk Empire on

    That’s because bobby has more in common with dead wood than human beings struggling to get ahead.