Cuomo: 60 Percent of Customers Have Power


Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning said that 60 percent of New Yorkers in the metropolitan area have had their power restored, including all of Manhattan.

Cuomo said it’s progress, but certainly not enough. And he again threatened the power companies to keep moving to get everyone restored.

“If they weren’t prepared, the state will hold them accountable,” Cuomo said at the briefing in Gramercy.

Cuomo said 80 percent of subway service has been restored.

“This entire situation is going to go on for a while,” Cuomo said.

The gas shortage remained a work in progress, Cuomo said. But he said it should be remedied soon, with 8 million gallons of gas delivered already and another 28 million gallons to soon be on the way.

Cuomo was touring hard hit parts of Long Island today, which still had the most outages at 456,098.

There were still 920,474 outages across the state as of 7 a.m. this morning, Cuomo’s office said.

Con Ed had 329,334 outages; Orange & Rockland had 82,179 outages; NYSEG had 47,936 outages; Central Hudson had 3,673 outages; National Grid had 660 outages; and RG&E had 594 outages.


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  1. This was a massive outage and lets have some thanks for the REAL WORKERS in Con Ed and the other utilities who are working round the clock to fix what Sandy wrecked.

    Maybe the public can thank the workers in UWUA 1-2 and other unions who do their work in the dark and the cold to bring power back to all of us – – –
    In Spite Of the Public Hate from Politicans Such as Cuomo who Love to Spew when they Are Working

  2. American Expression on

    Take Con Ed’s monopoly away from them. They get worse and worse and worse. Enough!

  3. Who cares what Cuomo reads next?
    Give us relief from evil hogging the microphones at those incessant “news conferences” where he recites numbers.
    Gas stations are hiking prices and he is doing nothing about that. Plus they demand Cash Only. Is the IRS on top of this?

  4. American Expression on

    Obama and Christie and Bloomberg have themselves a happy-fest bloviating and congratulating each other while precious little happens, even a week later! The American public is so dumb that they fall for it all.