Ball Declares Victory in Senate Race


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, declared victory to a second term tonight, saying he won by nearly 4,000 votes.

Ball said he won Dutchess County by 1,918 votes, Putnam County by 5,037 votes and with 78% reporting he was trailing by 3,183 votes.

“It is one thing to make promises every two years, it is another thing entirely to deliver results,” Ball said in a statement. “Working with Governor Cuomo, in a bipartisan way, I have delivered. In just two years we have repealed the MTA payroll tax, capped property taxes and cut income taxes across the board.

“In the next two years I will continue my independent voting record and lead the fight to create good paying local jobs, deliver real and lasting tax relief, freeze school taxes for seniors, and reign in our unaccountable utilities. I’m glad the campaign is over, and ready to get back to work.”


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  1. Cooperation Favored on

    Greg Ball should start understanding what happened in the US Nov 6:

    The results of Nov 6 are proof that the US citizens DO NOT WANT layers of billionaires, mostly hidden, and some of them not even US citizens from foreign power bases, buying our elections with horrible and blatantly false TV and radio ads.

    We, the US citizens demand government by representatives who are honest, have good backgrounds with a history of actually working for good results FOR THE CITIZENS, and who will work with other political parties once elected to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK of the CITIZENS.

    We DO NOT want representatives who speak of COOPERATION but then secretly meet in the basement and vow to do everything to unseat the other party’s person.

    This is the overriding message that all parties need to understand !!
    If Greg Ball forgets he is gone next election since his record of saying A and voting B will end his political career no matter how much he spends of “member allowances” on bar b q grills, hot dogs, burgers, and other public shows of good will.

  2. Ball’s done, even if he is re-elected. The Senate has swung Democrat and his district has been re-drawn. After this election cycle, the 40th will NEVER EVER be Republican again. Enjoy the hot dogs, Mr. Ball. In the future, you will be paying for them with your own money.

  3. Great to know that everyone is unappreciative of Senator Ball’s efforts for the community. I didn’t know that it was a bad thing to hold free community BBQs in towns when the power’s out and people need a warm meal. Let’s just let people eat cold salty soup out of a can for weeks on end. That’s much better.

  4. Ball is a con man extraordinaire and his BBQs on the taxpayer dime are a waste of public funds. His love of earmarks betrays his claimed conservative bonafides, oh wait, he’s now portraying himself as a moderate now, never mind.

  5. floopjack, is that true about the district being redrawn for the next election? I thought the election this time WAS the new district, which included more of Westchester but still plenty of Putnam and Dutchess where the clueless eat up Greg’s shtick. Remember that Greggie had pledged to support non-partisan redistricting (signed Ed Koch’s pledge, I believe), then weaseled out and claimed he meant that he would support it for the NEXT redistricting in 10 years.

    It sucks that those of us in Westchester are stuck with Ball and Katz again because of the Putnam voters. At least Nan wasn’t as lucky, despite winning in Putnam.

    The good news is that the Senate print shop will be kept busy printing Greg’s big checks (even if the money hasn’t been fully approved when he gives them out).