A Wrap-Up Of Key NY House Races


Democrats picked up a few seats in the U.S. House tonight, but fell short of their goal of picking up as many as four additional seats, Gannett’s Brian Tumulty reported.

Two of Republicans’ top targets — freshman Rep. Kathy Hochul of Erie County and Bill Owens of Plattsburgh — were behind in the vote count.

Former Erie County Executive Chris Collins was declared the winner by AP over Hochul.

Freshman Republican Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle of the Syracuse area lost to former Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei, who retook the seat he lost to her in 2010.

In the state’s Southern Tier, underdog Democratic challenger Nate Shinagawa of Ithaca was trailing Republican Rep. Tom Reed of Corning in the 23rd Congressional District by 2,322 votes with 80 percent of the ballots counted in what had been characterized as a safe Republican district.

Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter of the Rochester area won easily over Republican Maggie Brooks 57 percent to 43 percent.

Democrats’ top four targets also included freshman Reps. Nan Hayworth and Chris Gibson in the Hudson Valley and Michael Grimm on Staten Island.

Hayworth refused to concede tonight, but was trailing.

“We’re going to just wait until the morning to see what all the numbers show and where we stand,” Hayworth told reporters. “And I’m very hopeful we’ll be able to move forward in ways that are good for everyone.”

Maloney declared victory.

The Associated Press declared Grimm the winner over Democrat Mark Murphy around 11:45 p.m.

Gibson said Schreibman conceded, and Gibson declared victory.


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  1. just the facts on

    several months ago on this site i said that nan hayworth had gone too far out on the
    limb as a tea party acolyte particular regarding her stance against extending the payroll
    tax hiatus and her pandering to eric cantor and john boehner which is totally inapposite
    of what the voters in this congressional district want….she paid the price tonight

  2. little bobby must be shacking in his buster browns on

    You are next bobby. Back to sirius catholic radio for you.

  3. Cooperation Favored on

    The US citizens DO NOT WANT layers of billionaires, mostly hidden, and some of them not even US citizens from foreign power bases, buying our elections with horrible and blatantly false TV and radio ads.

    We, the US citizens demand government by representatives who are honest, have good backgrounds with a history of actually working for good results FOR THE CITIZENS, and who will work with other political parties once elected to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK of the CITIZENS.

    We DO NOT want representatives who speak of COOPERATION but then secretly meet in the basement and vow to do everything to unseat the other party’s person.