Hayworth concedes after Maloney claims Victory!


The most current numbers for the Congressional District #18 show Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney with 129,795 and Republican Nan Hayworth with 121,116.  This is based on complete, unofficial numbers from Putnam and Dutchess and 86 percent from Westchester and 98 percent from Orange.

A little while ago Hayworth released this statement on her facebook page:

Dear friends,

The election of 2012 is over, and while the results didn’t go our way, nobody could’ve fought harder or more honorably than our team.

I’m so proud of the hundreds of volunteers who spent their days and nights working to protect and promote all that we cherish about our country and our Hudson Valley.


I’m honored to have been side by side with all of you and to have served as our

Representative in the 112th Congress.

I’ll continue to do all I can to serve the cause of individual liberty and opportunity that is uniquely American.

It is in that spirit of love of country that I’ll now concentrate on helping our new Representative-elect, Sean Patrick Maloney, have a smooth transition for the sake of our constituents.

Please know that I’ll always keep faith with the friendship and support you have shown, and that you have my deepest gratitude.



Earlier this morning Maloney tweeted “Victory!”

Maloney is an attorney and former White House aide under Bill Clinton. He is expected to make a statement later today.

Hayworth of Bedford, a Mount Kisco physician, was seeking a second term in House.


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  1. Cooperation Favored on

    In the US we have OUR President Obama for a welcome 2nd term as proof that the US taxpaying, hard working, citizens do understand between 2 choices so different as we had on Nov 6.

    The results of Nov 6 are proof that the US citizens DO NOT WANT layers of billionaires, mostly hidden, and some of them not even US citizens from foreign power bases, buying our elections with horrible and blatantly false TV and radio ads.

    President Obama and the Democrats raised about $100 million from grassroots donations that averaged about $35 from people who struggle to feed their families, pay their bills and get to work each day all across the US. They are not hidden billionaires or casino owners who should heed the message on Nov 6 2012.

    We, the US citizens demand government by representatives who are honest, have good backgrounds with a history of actually working for good results FOR THE CITIZENS, and who will work with other political parties once elected to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK of the CITIZENS.

    We DO NOT want representatives who speak of COOPERATION but then secretly meet in the basement and vow to do everything to unseat the other party’s person.

    This is the overriding message that all parties need to understand !!

  2. Ball is validated on

    we also didnt need a candidate that got put up by Vinny Leibell. One by one the Leibellbags are fading away. Who saw the republican chair Mary Leibell-Conklin of the Putnam leg endorse the democrat over the republican Nacerino? Funny how republican committee leaders insist everyone ELSE follow the rules ;-)