Katz Wins, Knocks Speaker Silver


Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, was perhaps the most critical this election year of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s decision to reach a settlement agreement with two women who claimed they were sexually harassed by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, D-Brooklyn.

Katz easily won re-election last night, and in his statement of victory again derided the powerful Democratic speaker.

“I serve the people of the new 94th District, not Speaker Sheldon Silver,” Katz said. “His money and consolidated efforts to subvert the electoral process reinforces my conviction that he must resign as speaker and an independent investigation must be brought about in order to clean up Albany and restore honesty and integrity to the Assembly.”

Katz represents a Republican district in northern Westchester and Putnam counties. He won his second term against Democrat Andrew Falk.

Katz had labeled Silver as Joe Paterno, and Katz dismissed his opponent’s criticism of a lawsuit that he settled involving the sexual harassment of an employee at his veterinarian hospital a decade ago.

“I consider tonight’s victory to be a call-to-action. It is a clear vote of confidence in the efforts that I undertook when I first arrived in Albany. Tomorrow, I intend to roll up my sleeves and resume my work – starting with the resumption of electrical power to all residents and businesses. We have only started our long journey towards cleaning up Albany; New York State needlessly hemorrhages tens of millions of dollars every month, I have introduced legislation to stem the bleeding,” Katz continued.

“I will maintain my efforts to bring tax relief to citizens and small businesses; bring a moratorium on unfunded mandates to towns and cities; work toward real healthcare reform and make New York a business-friendly state again.”


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  1. Cooperation Favored on

    We dont need more of this sort of slaming and knocking.

    In the US we have OUR President Obama for a welcome 2nd term as proof that the US taxpaying, hard working, citizens do understand between 2 choices so different as we had on Nov 6.

    The results of Nov 6 are proof that the US citizens DO NOT WANT layers of billionaires, mostly hidden, and some of them not even US citizens from foreign power bases, buying our elections with horrible and blatantly false TV and radio ads.

    President Obama and the Democrats raised about $100 million from grassroots donations that averaged about $35 from people who struggle to feed their families, pay their bills and get to work each day all across the US. They are not hidden billionaires or casino owners who should heed the message on Nov 6 2012.

    We, the US citizens demand government by representatives who are honest, have good backgrounds with a history of actually working for good results FOR THE CITIZENS, and who will work with other political parties once elected to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK of the CITIZENS.

    We DO NOT want representatives who speak of COOPERATION but then secretly meet in the basement and vow to do everything to unseat the other party’s person.

    This is the overriding message that all parties need to understand !!

  2. Mr. Katz has the worst legislative record. He’s a joke and has no understanding when it comes to policy making. For example: sits on the housing committee…what has he done…NOTHING. Says, he’s created jobs…NONE. Bashes Silver but has no understanding that his redneck Yorktown district is so different in demographics to Silvers. Silver has numerous hospitals, nursing homes, NYCHA housing in his district. Katz has a bunch of lacrosse mom’s and residents who have no idea who their elected officials are and don’t even vote.