Sandra Lee: She And Cuomo Haven’t Had Power; He’s Eating Cold Hard-Boiled Eggs


The Journal News caught up with Food Network star Sandra Lee today in Bedford Hills today, and she said she and her boyfriend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, haven’t had power since Superstorm Sandy hit.

“No one has power,” said Lee to the Journal News. “Andrew has been eating cold, hard-boiled eggs, I know, because I make it for him.”

Cuomo hadn’t indicated he lost power at their house. He said early on that he had trees down on the property.

The Journal News said Lee, who owns the New Castle, Westchester County, home where she and Cuomo live, is one of 3,000 households there still without power.

“We have a generator,” said Lee, Thursday, while standing in line for lunch at Salsa Fresca.

From the article:

The statuesque first girlfriend, dressed all in black (including black rain boots), was busy coordinating relief efforts on her smart phone, even as she stood in line.

“I am trying to get food trucks to deliver to food banks in Queens,” said Lee, host of the “Semi-Homemade Cooking” show. “Everyone’s suffering.”

No wonder Cuomo unleashed his fury on Con Ed at a press conference on Monday.

“The progress is unacceptable,” Cuomo said. “To say that I am angry, to say that I am frustrated, disappointed, would be the understatement of the decade.”

All of the state’s utilities that have customers without power – Con Ed, Long Island Power Authority, New York State Electric and Gas, and Orange & Rockland Utilities – will be scrutinized, the governor said.

“I promise the people of this state that they (the utilities) will be held accountable for their lack of performance,” he said. “These are not God-given monopolies. I will review all of them.”


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