Judge allows Westchester contracts board case to go forward


Westchester County Court Judge Barry Warhit denied a motion to dismiss today in the Westchester Board of Legislators’ case against County Executive Rob Astorino over the county’s contracts board.

The board sued in March after Astorino refused to implement legislation changing the membership of the Board of Acquisition and Contract and giving the Board of Legislators the ability to place items on its agenda.

The Astorino administration has maintained that because the change would affect the power of the county executive the county charter requires a referendum to change the panel’s makeup.

The decision to deny the motion to dismiss means the lawsuit will move forward and administration must submit its papers by Dec. 6.

The board Democrats have argued the case could set an important precedent if the judge decides Astorino must implement all laws passed by the board unless a veto is upheld or they are invalidated by the courts. The lawyer for the Democratic leadership, which brought the case independent of the full board, said Judge Warhit said if the administration wanted to invalidate the law it would have to bring the full board into the lawsuit. But Astorino’s lawyer declined to do so.

“My clients are encouraged by Judge Warhit’s stated position that the administration cannot challenge the validity of legislation enacted by the Board of Legislators without initiating litigation against them in this or any other case,” said Alexander Eisemann, the lawyer for legislators Ken Jenkins, Lyndon Williams and Peter Harckham.

The case is one of five active court actions brought by the board against the administration.

Jenkins said the reason there are so many lawsuits is the administration refuses to follow the law.


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