Amedore Takes 54-Vote Lead Over Tkaczyk


Republican George Amedore has taken a 54-vote lead in the tight Senate race that could determine control of the state Senate, Gannett’s Albany Bureau has learned.

Amedore had been down 139 votes to Democrat Celicia Tkaczyk in the five-county district, but a recanvassing in Greene County has added 193 votes to Amedore’s lead there, giving him the small advantage, a Republican official said.

More than 10,000 absentee ballots are set to begin being counted next week in the district that runs from the Albany area into Ulster County.

Greene recanvassed its electronic voting machines and determined that Amedore had 10,253 votes compared to 7,187 for Tkaczyk. On Election Night, Amedore was up 10,090 votes to 7,217 votes.

The lead could again change as absentee ballots are counted, but Amedore’s lead is significant.

If Republican can win the seat, they would hold the 32 votes necessary to control the chamber after Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder this week indicated he would sit with Republicans.


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  1. nteresting. It appears that the Greene re-canvas was done earlier than the court order allowed, as it was not to even begin until 9:00 this morning, and Spector reported it before 10:00.

    It is important that no one touched those impounded machines prior to what was directed by Judge Tomlinson’s Order, as that would be Contempt of Court.

    The Republican Election Commissioner in Greene, Brent Bogardus, is a long time Skelos staffer, earning at times upwards of $100,000 a year.

    Hope everybody there was smart enough to do this by the book and avoids any impropriety.

  2. For the sake up of upstate New York I hope Amedore wins. If those NYC nuts take over the Senate upstate is forgotten. New York City nuts and outside interest groups spent big money on this race and others in return we the people will be taxes through the roofs to support their liberal views.

  3. Oh yeah, and Amedore had no outside help? The Status Quo business interests lavished money on him and other Repubs. The majority of NYers are Dems and held hostage by this small band of conservative upstaters in the Senate.

  4. It was chaos because the GOP stole criminals like Espada and Monserrate to bolt the Dems.

    Many new Dems since 2009. Be honest…your fear is simply Republicans lose their last base of power. Well, boys its a deep Blue state. Any Dems in charge of anything in Idaho or Wyoming?

  5. “The lead could again change as absentee ballots are counted, but Amedore‚Äôs lead is significant.”

    Under what set of facts could a 54 vote lead with more than 10,000 votes left to be counted be considered “significant’? I would ask the same question regardless of which candidate had the 54 vote lead. Sloppy, and possibly slanted, reporting.