Wagner Concedes To Ball


Democrat Justin Wagner conceded today to Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County.

Democrats were hoping Wagner could be a sleeper among a handful of tight Senate races. But Ball is a prodigious campaigner and is well known in the Hudson Valley district, even though it has slightly more Democrat than Republicans.

Wagner had a 3,731-vote lead over Ball in Westchester, though Ball claimed victory early on after leading Wagner in Putnam and Dutchess counties by 6,995 votes, the Journal News reported today.

“I want to congratulate Senator Ball on a hard fought victory in this election and wish him the best in representing our community,” Wagner wrote. “While absentee ballots are still being counted, information from the Board of Elections indicates that the number of outstanding ballots does not give me a realistic path to victory, and I do not think a protracted litigation would best serve the interest of the Hudson Valley.”

From the article:

A hearing before the Westchester County Board of Elections was adjourned until Nov. 30, at which point 6,285 absentee ballots and an unknown number of affidavits and emergency ballots were to have been counted.

“Despite an incredible campaign and strong grassroots support, we have come up a little short, ending up with approximately 49% of the vote,” Wagner wrote to his Facebook followers, thanking supporters and saying he was proud of the campaign he ran.

“We fought for issues that impact middle class families in New York,” he added, “and I will continue to do that as a private citizen.”


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  1. Ball is set up perfect to run for the congressional seat. Irony here is that he would have lost this race if the Senate Dems had put any money into Wagner. To get 49 percent without any TV is a pretty strong race for a first time candidate. They both will probably be on the ballot in 2014.

  2. Ssmart New Yrkrs on

    Wonderful showing for Justin Wagner after 1 race and little funding.

    Ball and his bar b que stunts used plenty of office expense funds to set those up and garner votes who are unaware of his hypocrisy and double dealing in Senate votes on important issues.
    And will someone point to one job Ball has created besides those to campaign workers, sign printers, and stores supplying hot dogs and mustard?

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