Gipson Pads Lead Against Saland


The votes are trending in the wrong direction for Sen. Stephen Saland, R-Poughkeepsie, to win re-election.

A count of absentee ballots in Putnam County last night yielded another 76 votes for Democrat Terry Gipson (left), giving him a 1,679-vote lead in the Hudson Valley race.

Dutchess County started its recount today, where they are about 10,000 absentee ballots.

Saland’s odds are long. He would need to win an overwhelming majority of the remaining absentees.

Republicans recognize that their best hope of retaining the majority is a win by Republican George Amedore against Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk. That race changes hands seemingly by the hour as absentees are being counted.


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  1. It’s NOT a recount. Dutchess County is starting the initial COUNT of absentee and provisional ballots.

  2. Hey Steve, how do you feel about that same-sex marriage vote now?

    Good luck in your job search – NOT!