Schumer announces 2013 inauguration theme


Sen. Chuck Schumer, Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, announced the theme for the 2013 presidential inauguration this morning.

It’s “Faith in America’s Future.”

The theme “commemorates the United States’ perseverance and unity and marks the sesquicentennial year of the placement of the Statue of Freedom atop the new Capitol Dome in 1863,”according to a press statement. “When the Civil War threatened to bring construction of the Dome to a halt, workers pressed onward, even without pay, until Congress approved additional funding to complete the Dome that would become a symbol of unity and democracy to the entire world. The official Inaugural Program, Luncheon, and other activities will reflect the theme.”


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  1. What a great theme. We join in celebration and adherence- AND… As producers of the first Federal Holiday Tributes from Memphis, TN for the first three years, our themes have varied from MLK UNDIVIDED, FEEL THE MOVEMENT: From Prophecy to Promise, The Dream-Stronger Than Pride, POWERFUL DREAMS-UNSTOPPABLE DREAMERS, the list is long.

    This year, prior to the election results, God would have us to examine and document that because the Inauguration falls on the day that gives honor to the Prophet, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we would boldy declare it-

    The day will be a day that the nation can offer prayers of thanksgiving in honor of Dr. King’s Dream conveyed 50 years later as we see the highest honor in the nation bestowed on two men of color; one, the Prophet, the other, the President. Who else but God would allow us to see the benefits of having Faith in America’s Future? Who else but God could have allowed us to witness such a powerful moment?

    What should we do? Let’s give honor to God as “One Nation Under God” and be UNDIVDED and celebrate this New Day in America and go Forward in the Faith and Power of God. Join us in passing both themes on to the nation. “Like Us” on Facebook at: MLK 2013: The Holy Day of Inauguration We are aiming for 1 million “Likes” and 1 Million to join us in a global day of prayers for today’s keepers of the faith who are keeping the dream and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- ALIVE AND WELL

    Prayerfully submitted,
    Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., Founder, Supreme Day of Prayer/MLK 2013: The Holy Day of Inauguration