Mr. Cuomo Goes To Washington


Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday will make his first trip to Washington since taking office last year, administration officials confirm.

He will be at the nation’s capital to lobby for $42 billion in disaster aid for Superstorm Sandy that New York is seeking.

Newsday reported that Cuomo plans to meet with House Speaker John Boehner and other top officials.

Cuomo’s first trip as governor to D.C. — he served as HUD secretary in the Clinton administration so he knows the place — comes, of course, amid speculation he will want to take up permanent residence there after 2016 as president.

Cuomo said earlier this month he had no plans to personally lobby in Washington, even hinting at the presidential speculation by saying, “If went to Washington now, what story would you write?”

He met with the federal congressional delegation in his office on Monday, and earlier this week NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to Washington make a pitch for the federal aid.

The New York Times wrote yesterday about Cuomo’s absence on Capitol Hill.


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  1. Obama owes Clinton big and Clinton does NOT want Cuomo gaining any political traction to compete with his wife in 2016.

  2. Barbara Bombrun on

    Fortunately, the NY Times is keeping the truth about Cuomo front and center.
    Just this am the NY Times reported that Cuomo and his staff decided to not evacuate thousands of elderly and disabled in facilities along the NY coast, despite the dire warnings that these facilities would flood, loose power, and vulnerable people would be placed at risk.
    The NY Health Dept. will now drag out their investigation into “possibly related deaths”.

    Once again we have Cuomo and the Health Dept. deciding that some people don’t matter(Hurricane victims, disabled in group homes, elder abuse victims in Putnam County)

    Cuomo is too concerned with image. Hillary Clinton has proven that people, and the most vulnerable in society especially, deserve attention and equal protection.
    Cuomo’s legacy will be that he failed at the most critical test of great leadership; risking all to protect and empower the marginalized.