Carlucci Hopes Senate Coalition Can Be A National Model


Sen. David Carlucci, a founding member of the five-member Independent Democratic Conference, is excited about the new coalition with Senate Republicans, saying the bi-partisan cooperation could be a model for the nation.

The Rockland County Democrat took a gamble in 2011 when he joined the IDC in his first week in office, breaking ranks from the Democratic conference that helped him get elected just a few months prior. At 29, he took office as the youngest state senator since FDR was elected at age 28 in 1910.

Carlucci, who won a second term last month, said the new deal with Republicans will hold together.

“I think it will,” Carlucci said in an interview today with Gannett’s Albany Bureau. “That’s why we put it together because we said, ‘Look, we have to find a model where we can break through this gridlock and this partisanship,’ and work on a model where we can just not shut people out. That one party, because of this one extra vote, rules everything.”

He added that, “there should be some sharing of ideas, sharing of the power structure, and I think that’s what we are working toward. And I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to produce results and it could be a model for the rest of the nation to follow.”

Carlucci said he sees no issue working with Republicans. In order to get issues like an increase in the minimum wage passed, he said there would need to be bi-partisan support.

“My goal is I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I’m going to work with you if we can work together on these common issues and we can find common ground,” Carlucci said..

Carlucci has had some disagreements with Republicans, albeit a veggie battle.

Last year, he pushed for the onion to be the state’s official vegetable. Sen. Michael Nozzolio, R-Fayette, Seneca County, wanted sweet corn.

It was quite a debate, and there was a statewide poll. Carlucci ultimately relented and sweet corn was approved in the Senate. It didn’t pass the Assembly, though.

Carlucci said the goal is to promote agriculture — which he will gladly partner with Republicans for.

“I think that what it’s going to be is focusing on how do we promote local products in New York state,” Carlucci said. “That’s my passion. That’s why the onion became to be.”


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  1. Fed Up Clarkstown on

    Sharing of ideas? Question Senator… do you share the idea that its right to hold up the minimum wage increase or the Reproductive Health Act? Do you share the idea that its right to direct school aid based on politics instead of need? Do you plan on holding up or watering down progressive legislation? Because those are the ideas of the GOP Senate, aka the people you just empowered to run the Senate against the will of the electorate.

    Sharing of power structure? Do you plan on sharing any of that power with the Senators who were duly elected by the people into the majority, aka the Democrats? Or will you just enable the GOP to continue to squeeze them, and more importantly their constituents, dry? I think I know the answer.

    This doesn’t hold water Senator. Its a power grab by Senator Klein, and I don’t understand how or why you are going along with it. If its about issues, join the real Dems and pass real progressive legislation. Why are you empowering the conference that has been holding up progress for decades? People know that its just so Senator Klein can be what he has so desperately wanted to be for so long, the leader of the Senate. Its kind of sad.

    Whats most interesting is that the dysfunction and chaos of 2008-2009 was presided over by Sen. Klein and Sen. Smith. Now they are teaming up again to cause more chaos and dysfunction under the guise of preventing chaos and dysfunction… and you’re going along with it. Makes no sense to me. I expect more out my Senator.

  2. Nothing from Latimer on this? I’m not really surprised, but I think he’s going to get the crappy office.

  3. Whatta joke, pure and simple. The GOP keeps power, they give a few tasty biscuits to Carlucci. Klein gets sweet revenge…and P O W E R

  4. Dazed andConfused on

    I’m confused. Objecters to the Coalition claim its a power play by Klein. If that was the case wouldn’t Klein just offer Skelos perks if the Republicans elected HIM as Majority leader? Isn’t the Majority leader the most powerful person in the Senate? It’s not like Skelos would have a choice. Objecters also lead us to believe that this coalition just formed. Didn’t the IDC form in 2010 and has been working with the Republicans ever since? They claim that Democrat issue will be supressed under the coalition, but didn’t the GOP-IDC pass historic legislation when they passed same-sex marriage? Last time I checked that was more of a left issue than a right issue. Yet it didn’t pass when the Democrats controlled the chamber. Another claim is that this isn’t what NYers want and the Governor doesn’t have the best interest of NYers by not getting involved. Didn’t a recent poll show that 65% of NYers agree with the coalition? Didn’t the same poll have Cuomo with a 75% approval rating? I’m not saying this is the answer to what ails NY but I believe the potential rewards far exceed any potential risks. Lets give them a chance, it definitely couldn’t get any worse.

  5. David Carlucci has just sold his career short for a couple of year of perks. When he runs for Congress after Nita, there’ll be many active Dems who will work for anybiody but him. Won’t matter to Jeff Klein – he got what he craves – control.

    For now.

  6. Bipartisanship sounds wonderful but it is not what voters vote for. We vote for partisans who have to convince those with opposing views to join them on specific issues. Bipartisanship as a starting point is undemocratic, cuts out the wishes of the voters and leads corruption & cronyism. Gov Cuomo raised money with his “bipartisan group” to be a third way presidential candidate, and now the “coalition” is cutting out the Democrats who voted them into office to cut out the wishes of the electorate. Sounds like banana-Republicanism to me.

    Is this what voting has become? Just more of the same Power over the People? Where is democracy?

  7. Carlucci is an idiot

    bill is the same; still stuck on that slob Cohen and his lost campaign. Cohen lost bill, embrace reality and get a real job bill. cant kiss up to politicos all the time bill

    do real work maybe helping people; dont keep sounding like those dirt bags Boehner and McConnell