Westchester Democrats cut 57 jobs they call political from county executive’s proposed budget


As the Westchester Board of Legislators comes closer to a vote on the final budget Friday at 1:30 p.m., the Democrats have put forward a proposal that balances the $1.7 billion budget by cutting 57 jobs they consider political appointees of Republican County Executive Rob Astorino.

“The Democratic caucus very clearly decided it was not going to swap experienced professionals for political patronage jobs,” said Thomas Staudter, a spokesman for the legislature’s Democrats.

The cuts include several assistants to the county executive, county attorneys, budget department staff, a long list from the Department of Social Services and a few from Public Works.

“They went after anyone they perceived to be beneficial to Rob,” said Matthew Richter, a spokesman for the board’s Republicans. Astorino plans to hold a press conference at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the Democrats’ proposal.

The cuts and other budget adjustments allowed the Democrats to restore 126 positions Astorino cut in his proposed budget, including nature center curators, engineers, CSEA union members and others who argued their jobs keep the county going.


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  1. How about we cut those 57 positions but instead of hiring back the 126 they still get laid off.

    Can we get a tax CUT then, instead of NO tax increase?

  2. Cut Lynne in the Attorney office who just landed a sweet political gig in the last month in the face of real worker layoffs affecting real families. Ex of Eastchester Anthony C

  3. Can’t wait, don’t hold your breath you might be waiting a long time for that to happen.

    Who’s going to run against him? Ryan who wants to give himself a raise for increasing our taxes? Or Bramson who’s running dysfuncitonal New Rochelle and has pounded his residents with annual 10% tax increases? Good luck with that!

  4. Hmmm Bill sounds like the same rhetoric you used against George Lattimer. Dind’t he beat your boy Bob Cohen badly? Oh well, new campaign year, same old rhetoric.

  5. burbs, you need to look at the bigger picture. Sure Latimer won, but what did he win? He’ll be in the minority caucus which is good & it’ll keep a lid on his bigger government agenda.

    And certainly Latimer will be in no position to bring home more aid (of any form) to lower westchester so I’d say we’re all losers in the end.

    So he won, BFD. Lower westerchester has been under represented in the state senate for years and so it continues.

    I would like to see him come out with some suggestions to mandate reform, but I have little hope that he’ll do anything to hurt his teacher union friends.

  6. just the facts on

    considering how many political appointees andy spano had and considering that every
    executive who is elected has the right to make appointments regardless of party affiliation
    it seems to me that the democrats are posing red herring argument…they need to concentrate
    on the budget itself and not the people working on the 9th floor…because everyone knows
    that if any of the mentioned candidates on the democratic side were to be elected they
    would have as many or more “political appointments” as rob

  7. Bill…The point made by Mr. Suburbs is that YOU spent all year trashing George Latimer and it didn’t mean zippo on Election Day. Now, you’re trashing Noam Bramson, and I dare say any other Democrat in sight, as if THIS time your rhetoric will matter more than it did last year.

    The people in Westchester don’t buy what you’re selling.

  8. bill is the same as those dirt bags Boehner and CConnell: useless for real working people who struggle pay check to paycheck while he collects consultant gigs for rich politicos such as Cohen

    Cohen the slumlord collecting Sec 8 tax money for his apartments

  9. WS, sounds like you’re bitter after getting a pink slip for your county job?

    Sorry to break it you though, government is there to support job creation and NOT be the job creator. You might prefer to live in Europe or father east where tax rates are over 50% but their economies are stagnant. I prefer capitalism like the rest of America!

  10. Keep believing your spew and hating all you right wing cons. Straw dog arguments is the oldest trick in the book.

    Political contributions from contractors who will be doing SOME of the work the laid off workers are now doing better is the theme all you cons love.

    Who cares how much more tax dollars get spent on contractors and consultants as long as the R party gets their contributions.

    That is the theme of the cons.

  11. WS, need help with that resume? Too bad unemployment is only $405 weekly. You’ll make it though and I’m sure your government job must have prepared to do something.

    And why on earth do you think bigger government is the answer? I & most others won’t notice any of these cuts so who cares?

    btw, no time to hate. Remember that, its worth repeating cause you write with a lot of hate.