Cuomo Says It’s Not His Role To Get Involved in Senate Dispute


Despite increasing criticism from some members of the Senate Democrats, Gov. Andrew Cuomo again declined to publicly get involved in the chamber’s leadership battle, calling it an “internal, Democratic dispute.”

Speaking to host Fred Dicker on Albany’s WGDJ-AM, Cuomo said it’s not his place to insert himself into the politics of the Legislature.

“A governor’s job is not to involve himself or herself in the internal power dynamic or leadership of the Legislature,” Cuomo said.

The Senate Republicans and the five-member Independent Democratic Conference announced a power-sharing agreement last week, in which both conferences will have authority over state budget negotiations and which legislation is taken up. Cuomo has declined to advocate for one conference or the other, but laid out a 10-point “litmus test” for his support in an op-ed last week.

The Democratic governor has faced some criticism from liberal pundits and some Senate Democrats for not doing more to advocate for his party’s control. At a rally held by Al Sharpton over the weekend, Manhattan Sen. Bill Perkins said Cuomo should be asked where he stands on “back-room deals putting us in the back of the bus.”

Cuomo painted the Senate situation as an internal struggle among the Senate’s Democrats. Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, and three others broke away to form the Independent Democratic Conference last year, adding Sen. Malcolm Smith to the fold last week.

“This is an internal, Democratic dispute,” Cuomo said. “Jeff Klein is a Democrat. Sampson is a Democrat. Gianaris is a Democrat. This is among Democrats. This is not really about the Republicans, Fred. This is a schism among the Democrats.”

The Democratic governor said he will work with whomever is in charge.

“Whatever they do, they do,” Cuomo said. “I’ll deal with whoever they say is in charge,”


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