Skelos: Honored to Be Re-Elected As GOP Conference Leader


Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos of Rockville Centre announced Tuesday afternoon the chamber’s Republican Conference voted unanimously to re-elect him to that position. The statement followed a closed-door meeting of the conference at the Capitol.

“I am honored that the members of our Senate Republican Conference have voted unanimously today to reelect me as their leader,” he said in a statement. “I appreciate their support and confidence, and look forward to being a strong voice for their priorities.

“By partnering with Governor Cuomo and the Independent Democratic Conference, Senate Republicans have delivered the bipartisan results New Yorkers need and deserve, including two early budgets that reduced spending, enactment of a two property tax cap, middle-class income tax relief and an end to Albany dysfunction.

“The men and women of our conference are excited for the opportunity to be part of this new Senate Majority coalition, a unique partnership of Democrats and Republicans that will protect and build on the historic progress we’ve made over the last two years.

“New Yorkers have made it very clear that they don’t care about Republican solutions or Democratic solutions, they just want results.

“Senate Republicans are committed to working with the Governor, Senator (Jeff) Klein, Speaker (Sheldon) Silver and all of the members of the Legislature in the months and years ahead to improve the quality-of-life for all New Yorkers.”

Skelos formed a deal with the five-member IDC, led by Klein, a Democrat from the Bronx, the two conferences announced last week.

The new agreement will allow the IDC to be recognized as a permanent third conference in the Senate, while Republicans will retain a portion of its authority in Albany. Republicans hold a 33-29 seat majority, but they faced losing it in two undecided races.

Both Skelos and Klein will lead their respective groups, but will alternate the title of temporary Senate president every two weeks.

Photo: AP


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