Former Gov. Paterson Gets Pink Slip at WOR


Former Gov. David Paterson’s drive-time radio program is no more.

Paterson, who served as governor from 2008 through 2010, has been laid off at WOR-AM, an apparent victim of new ownership. Media conglomerate Clear Channel purchased the station earlier this year and began making a round of layoffs this week.

His weekday show aired from 4 to 6 p.m. on the New York City airwaves. His spokesman, Sean Darcy, confirmed the move with this statement:

“Governor Paterson’s run hosting his afternoon drive program on WOR has come to an end. As someone who had to do significant housecleaning when he took over as chief executive, these moves by the new management come as no surprise. As governor, he was oftentimes in position to dish it out, so he is certainly someone who can take it. In anticipation of this eventuality, Governor Paterson has been exploring a number of different options both in and out of the media and will be working towards finalizing some of those options after the
New Year. He has greatly enjoyed being part of the rich, proud history of WOR radio and would like to thank the Buckley family, Jerry Crowley and the entire WOR team for the opportunity.”

Paterson first started hosting the show in September 2011. Current Gov. Andrew Cuomo had become a semi-frequent guest prior to its cancelation.

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  1. Clear Channel owns most of the radio stations in the USA with the “hands off, let them monopolize everything” policies the right wing cons love as official policy of the FCC and other govt agencies in the USA

    Soon it will be one opinion and NO investigative reporting and simply repeating of press releases put out by corporations and the politicians who are bought and paid for by billionaires and corporations.

    And idiots who dont think will continue to believe it…..

  2. really enjoyed his show . he let people speak and would agree with their various points even if they were not completely in line with his views.
    Who will replace him another person who hates the government and feels everything is a conspiracy?

  3. You have hit on Paterson’s main problem: He agreed with everyone and accomplished nothing. Charming man. He should have been a greeter at Home Depot.