Rep. Gibson ducks interview on GOP tax vote


Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of Kinderhook declined this evening to be interviewed about the House GOP’s latest tax strategy callled Plan B.

Approached by a reporter in a hallway of the U.S. Capitol, Gibson said he didn’t have time to discuss the issue either now or later this evening.

Asked if he had made up his mind how to vote, Gibson said he would vote “yes.”

Asked why, he indicated he has “many reasons” for voting yes. But he would not discuss them.

Instead, Gibson promised to post his reasons on his congressional Facebook page.

Plan B is Speaker John Boehner’s proposal to renew the Bush tax cuts except for household income over $1 million.

House Democrats are opposing the proposal because it’s not a comprehensive tax plan.

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said yesterday that Plan B does not include renewal of the tax credit for college tuition, the current deduction for child care expenses or the current Earned Income Tax Credit for lower-income families.

Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey of Harrison has long favored a $1 million income cutoff for renewing the Bush tax cuts, but said this evening she opposes Plan B because it is not a comprehensive tax plan. “What’s happening today is a charade,” she said.

Lowey said Boehner needs to negotiate a comprehensive tax and spending deal with President Obama.

“What’s most important here is the president has put a negotiated compromise on the table,” she said. “If Mr. Boehner sat down with the president, they could negotiate a fair compromise that would protect the middle class  and would protect the whole range of issues we care about.”


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  1. What a shame this region has the likes of Gipson:

    Sure duck the press until someone tells you what to say
    Why do you support the DO NOTHING Boehner and McConnell; dinosaurs who have to get out of the way.

    Both are bought and paid for by the billionaires who are crushing the middle class