After Webster Shooting, Calls Renewed For Gun Control


Rep. Louise Slaughter said the shooting near Rochester today is another reason for tougher gun laws in the country.

“Our nation must address out-of-control gun violence and I am firmly committed to doing my part,” Slaughter (left), D-Fairport, Monroe County, who will represent Webster in January, said in a statement. “Congress must pass comprehensive legislation as soon as possible and bring an end to the senseless gun violence that has taken too many innocent lives.”

Two firefighters were killed and two were injured in what police said appeared to be an ambush by a lone gunman when Webster firefighters responded to a house and car fire in a lakefront neighborhood. The gunman is dead, police said.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman didn’t call on the state Legislature to pass tougher gun laws, but said “As this investigation unfolds, we stand with our partners in law enforcement to ensure that lethal weapons are out of the hands of dangerous people, so that the brave New Yorkers who risk their lives every day to protect us are not exposed to additional danger.”

Even before the Webster shooting, the state Legislature was expected to pass a package of gun-control laws either by month’s end or next year. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has wanted tougher gun laws in the wake of the Newtown school shootings.

In his statement today about the Webster shootings, Cuomo didn’t use it as an opportunity to address gun control.

He called it a “senseless act of violence” and said that “New York’s first responders are true heroes as they time and again selflessly rush toward danger in order to keep our families and communities safe.”

Tom King, president of the state Rifle and Pistol Association, warned lawmakers to not make any decisions in haste. He said today he was confident that Senate Republicans, who will still maintain a hold on the chamber in January, would not adopt any burdensome measures on gun owners, such as a possible confiscation program hinted by Cuomo last week.

“Any lawmaker who says passing another gun-control law will make the streets safer and the people can sleep better at night because they don’t have to worry is very much uninformed,” King said on WGDJ-AM (1300).

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks also called for calm at a news briefing on the shooting.

“Emotions are extremely high. There’s a heightened awareness to this kind of violence in light of what happened in Connecticut. I just want everyone to remember: It’s Christmas eve. We have first-responders and we have families who are in pain and in crisis today,” Brooks, a Republican, said. “And we need to as a community keep them in our thoughts and prayers.”


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  1. Thomas Purnell on

    What will the NRA say after the Webster shooting?
    That all volunteer firemen should now carry guns?

  2. How about, for starters, if we start frying murderers in this State instead of paroling them to kill again? And how about opening secure Institutions to deal with the rest of the wackos who create mayhem on our society? You ultra left wing nut jobs actually create self-fulfilling prophesies. Examine your conscience if you can find it among your unstudied gibberish.

  3. Sick and Tired on

    Hey you ultra-right wing nut – we’ve had just about enough of your self-righteous crap. You and your tea-party pals are insistent upon ruining this country. You’ll wreck our retirement years by killing pensions, allow maniacs to find guns and mass murder us, cut education and health care, and rattle sabres across the globe until some foreign nut-job right wing Islamaniac takes us up on your offer of nuclear war.

    No gun control – death penalty – that doesn’t work very well for Red-State TEXAS does it? Guys knocking off 7-11s every week, no matter how of ’em you fry in the E-chair. Everybody walks around carrying heat – like its the wild Wild West. Doesn’t change the bad behavior.

    I’m truly sick and tired of the a n g e r of the right. You monopolize the blogs and talk radio with incessant rhetoric as if 1885 was better than today. The voters are rejecting your craziness.

  4. Hallelujah! Finally, someone NOT conservative gives it back to those reactionaries. Clint and Cronies … it’s time to hear from the other side. We want policies that help the majority of us not just serve the angry few.

  5. Left wing nutsos always prefer to do “noble” deeds than useful ones. If you don’t like justice, next time your life is in jeopardy and you need help, call a poet.

  6. just the facts on

    clint not only doesn’t have a clue he is confusing a noble deed doer with someone who
    wants to effectively deal with a problem. other western nations don’t have the incidents
    of gun violence that we do…and they are exposed to the same nut factors that right
    wingers complain about hollywood violence and video games for there must
    be some other reason that we in the US are so susceptable to mass murder and that reason
    is becoming abundantly clear..access to semi automatic and automatic weapons which
    have no legitimate purpose other than to kill as many people as possible in as little a time
    period that’s possible is the reason…those who defend the possesion of these weapons
    of war are simply parroting the garbage they hear on a daily basis from the right wing
    talk radio guys like limbuagh and hannity who are playing them for fools and making
    millions in the process.thanks roger ailes for making it all possible

  7. Oh yes. Clint has more than a clue! Just: Stop blaming at every opportunity your innocent, noble, dutiful, courageous country and take note of the rest of the world’s various, omnipresent, and consistent insanities. You confuse a few fools with a great nation. Smarten up.

  8. just the facts on

    so everyone else is a fool and the US by permitting ubiquitous gun posession has it right?
    then you tell me what accounts for our nation having so many incidents of gun violence
    and particularly mass murders in the past couple of years…you are confusing a misguided
    interpretation of the second amendment with rationality

  9. just the facts on

    but you can’t answer the question because you know that easy access to these kinds of
    weapons is exactly the difference between our rates of gun murders and the rest of the

  10. The only easy access, Jack, starts with the govament and their gunwalk Fast ad Furious scandal. Who be kiddin who?

  11. Increased gun control laws will only hurt those who are trying to protect their families, property, and businesses. Criminals and “nut jobs” will always find a way to access guns, simply because they DO NOT follow the law, unlike most “ultra right wing nut jobs” and NRA members. Law-abiding citizens who have permits for their gun also have respect for the gun and know what type of damage it can do. They follow gun safety and teach their children gun safety. They DO NOT want to use it to harm or take a life and will only do so if absolutely necessary. Just because a person wants to exercise their Second Amendment Right does not mean they are crazy, violent, or want to kill others.

    If someone really wants to kills someone or to enact terror on others, they will find other weapons besides guns, like bombs, vehicles, planes, fire, etc. If someone enters your home and threatens to kill your family, are you going to call the police and wait for them to arrive? You will all be dead by then!

    Another fact is that the majority of the mass murders caused by gun violence occurs in “Gun Free Zones” where the “nut jobs” know no one will else have a gun and be able to stop them. If police arrive, or if a gunman happens to begin his “rampage” where a person is able to carry a gun, the gunman will likely shoot himself because he is, at heart, a coward. This is seen in recent tragedies that involve gun violence, including Newtown, Conneticut and Portland, Oregon.