Amedore Files To Take Oath Of Office In Senate


Despite the ongoing legal challenges of his Democratic opponent, Republican George Amedore said he filed his oath of office today to represent the 46th Senate district, which stretches from the Albany area to Ulster County.

It’s the only undecided race in the 63-seat Senate. A Montgomery County judge called the race for Amedore, who held a mere 37-vote lead. Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk is headed to the state Appellate Court on Monday to try to get some additional ballots counted in her favor.

But Amedore, a former state assemblyman, is moving forward as if the race is over.

“Following the State Board of Elections certification of my election to the 46th Senate District, I filed my oath of office today to serve the families of Albany, Greene, Montgomery, Schenectady and Ulster counties,” he said in a statement.

“I have tremendous respect for the appellate process, and look forward to a swift decision. I am eager to get to work on behalf of my constituents so we can keep building on the progress we’ve made in turning New York around.”

With Amedore, Republicans would control 32 seats in the majority because one Democrat, Brooklyn’s Simcha Felder, is sitting with them. Also, the five-member Independent Democratic Conference is allied with the Republicans, leaving Democrats in the minority.


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  1. Even the crooked Nick Spano respected the process and didn’t take the seat before all the ballots were counted. This is a showing of the type of “me” attitude of entitlement the voters don’t want. He should be ashamed of himself. He should wait until all the ballots are counted before being so presumptuous.

  2. kb, haven’t you read? Amedore’s already been certified the winner, this is a done deal.

  3. brian,

    I have read and that is why i am bothered by this brazen Republican attempt to steal power. Haven’t you read that the judge’s decision is being appealed and the court has agreed to hear the case? Hardly a done deal when you read in the appeal that cast ballots with similar objections in prior contested elections were repeatedly counted. This is a political ruse and you should not accept a trial judge’s ruling when it is being considered by a higher court…. And frankly, neither should Amedore.