Astorino sets $45,000 fundraising goal by January campaign finance filing deadline


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s campaign is appealing to his supporters to help reach a  fundraising goal of $45,000 between now and Jan. 7, in time for it to show up in the Jan. 15 campaign finance report.

The campaign sent out an email earlier today saying he needs help to overcome the 2-1 Democratic registration advantage in Westchester, adding “the long knives of the old status quo are out for him.”

“Next week, County Executive Astorino will have to announce how much money he has raised in the second half of last year,” the email said. “His success during that period will have a tremendous influence on how much his opponents can raise. If Rob looks weak, money will pour into their coffers. If he looks strong, it will only trickle.”

The request came a day after the Democratic chairman of the Board of Legislators, Ken Jenkins, declared his candidacy with the support of many elected officials. Westchester Legislator Bill Ryan and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson are also running for the Democratic nomination.

Photo: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino


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  1. No comments asstorinobots? on

    It’s gonna be fun watching you lose li’l bobby. Maybe the cardinal can get you a job you hypocrite. Or your crooked cop dad or first wife.

  2. Why hasn’t this first “poster,” who posts imbecilic venom under dozens of dimwitted aliases. been banned?

  3. Jackson Davies on

    Astorino is in deep trouble.
    He now calls his opponenets “LONG KNIVES” ??!!!
    How Crude and Telling of his Angry Disgusting Inner Being as opposed to his touchy feelie phony public image !

    More proof that Astorino was a wrong vote for Westchester.

    It seems he cant cooperate even with himself. His only claim to fame is that he IS TAKING CREDIT FOR A 2% TAX LEVY DECREASE THAT WAS CRAFTED BY THE Board of Legislators AND NOT HIM!!

    In contrast here is a small list of failures due to his lack of cooperation with anyone but himslef:

    He has the Feds on his case because of his lilly white arrogant stance on the housing case that will end up costing us taxpayers even more Millions than the settlement amount.
    He picks a crony group for his ill fated Playland “reinvention” scheme that are tax cheats and owe hundreds of thousands in property taxes.
    He packs the county payroll with every Republican crony that ever contributed $50 bucks to his party.
    He quietly inserted 40 vacancies into the 2013 County budget approved Dec 7 for future hiring of more political hacks to work on his re-election campaign.
    He fires qualified working experienced people with credentials in favor of political hacks in exchange for political contributions from consultants and profiteers that he awards county contracts to.
    He even has the clergy on his case since it is obvious he does not love the poor as Jesus did, he loves the millionaire political contributors. (see the Dec 26 LoHud Community Views section)

    Westchester voters will all remember this in November 2013 when election day arrives for sure.

    Republicans are messing up Washington and we don’t need them to mess up Westchester. McConnell and Boehner create enough stink, we don’t need Republican stink in Westchester no matter what their consultants say or spin.

    As nicely as we dispatched Castelli, Cohen, Hayworth, and Villanova we will excise Astorino.

  4. Silly asstorinobots on

    I mean he was married before Hannah. That’s a fact. I have never been able to confirm that he has a child with this woman though but I have heard that he does. Some conservative. Some Catholic.

  5. Jackosn & Hannah, you sound like those people who think the bigger government is the better, but for those of us who get NOTHING from the government we could care less.

    I take it neither of you pay property taxes?

  6. Asstorinobots are for kids on

    Hey Brian. I pay taxes and I am more than confident that it is much more than you pay. I also know that the bulk of my taxes are school taxes of which little bobby has said little if nothing about in 3 years. Gut the County and you will still be paying big taxes. Let’s see Bobby get off his a– and start screaming about the school taxes. Like his lack of height I am sure he lack the balls to do so. He is a ball-less wonder except when it comes to threatening low level county union employees with unemployment. What a tough guy he must think he is although I took a bigger dump this morning myself.

  7. Asstorinobots are for kids on

    Ahhhh. When all else fails and you have nothing left to say, point out grammar/punctuation/spelling errors. You missed the missing “s” in the 6th sentence. Don’t quit your day job kissing rob’s a– for an editor position.

  8. It’s not grammar/punctuation/spelling. The comma (or parentheses) would properly define You, yourself, as the “bigger dump” that you refer to.

  9. Miranda Miguelito on

    Robby keeps his friends employed and while he lays off real County workers who actually work for a living. His recent budget included health center closures (bad for the lower class), layoffs of County workers while keeping the hacks who know nothing and do zero, cuts to child care for the poor families who are trying to get out of poverty by working, and all the while he uses tax dollars to plaster his photo all over everything he touches (can someone say “campaigning on your tax dollar?”). How Astorino is good for the County is beyond me.

    He’s going to be sorry when the Dems come out in full force in November 2013 to vote him out.

  10. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! on

    Hey Lester. I am surprised that you have so much time to post on these blogs given the amount of a– kissing and campaigning bobby requires from all of his taxpayer paid asstorinobots. Will you still be blogging after 1/1/14 when bobby can’t pay you to kiss his a– anymore? Hmmm? Crying probably. Just don’t resort to crime like bobby’s crooked cop dad though. You know that the investigation, courts, judges, lawyers, correction officers, jail cells, 3 meals a day, dental care, etc, all cost the taxpayers a ton of cash. He probably got to keep his pension too. Talk about a real 47%.

  11. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! on

    I am being productive. I am annoying neocons like you! Joy! This is Westchester County, NY, my friend. Not Nebraska.

  12. Robs Endorsement on

    “Today I endorse Joe Carvin for Congress” ……………..
    …you know the one who cant even run a park without getting it wrong in Rye…only thing he can do is fire three maintenance men and hope his contractor buddies dont do it wrong when they pretend to know what to do.
    Yeah, that is what Rob is qualified for…endorsements of doom…