Hannity Rips Cuomo on Hydrofracking, Unemployment


A high-profile conservative commentator took to his national radio show yesterday to knock Gov. Andrew Cuomo, criticizing the Democrat for his inaction on hydrofracking and the state’s unemployment rate.

Sean Hannity opened up his syndicated show with a spirited critique of Cuomo, in light of a non-public state analysis uncovered by Gannett and other media outlets that found hydrofracking could be done without harm to human health with the right safeguards in place.

Calling him a “prisoner of the left wing in New York,” Hannity knocked Cuomo for not doing “the one thing that would actually create jobs.”

“Cuomo says, ‘Ah, we’ve got to study the issue (fracking). We’ve got to study the issue.’ It’s been his position for two years,” Hannity said. “Meanwhile, unemployment goes up every week and taxes keep going up in New York.”

(Unemployment actually hasn’t been going up “every week” in New York — it dropped by 0.4 percent in November — though the state’s 8.3 percent rate remains above the national average. Cuomo’s office is also quick to point out that a December 2011 law decreased income taxes on the middle class, though top earners are paying more than what had been set to take effect in 2012.)

New York first launched an environmental review of large-scale hydrofracking in 2008, and a decision on whether to allow it to move forward still hasn’t been reached.

Hannity also took issue with Cuomo’s presidential prospects. The governor is often mentioned as a potential Democratic candidate in 2016.

“Now Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York. Often his name is touted as somebody who wants to run for president in four years,” Hannity said. “New York state, the only state in the union where unemployment keeps going up. It’s not exactly the kind of record you want to run on for the White House — and Cuomo does want to run. It’s obvious in everything he does and every decision that he’s making.”

More Hannity on Cuomo:

“So he remains a prisoner of the left wing in New York and that means the teachers unions, health workers unions, the radical environmentalists in New York. And because of that, Cuomo won’t do the one thing that would actually create jobs. As a matter of fact, it’s the answer to all of our financial problems.”

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  1. Fortunately, “prisoners of the right wing” like Hannity and fossil fuel industry execs have me, a seventy year old grandma, as well as physicians, environmentalists, scientists, artists, and other smart people in the state, studying the issues, watching out for their health and welfare!

    Be thankful, Mr. Hannity and start checking your facts and figures!

  2. As a conservative Republican who cares about the environment, I am also deeply concerned with where the fracking issue is going. The lack of transparency in the process with the release of the regulations for comment without the finalization of SGEIS and without the public having access to the information in the SGEIS including the yet unfinished health section makes me suspicious that Cuomo is about to pull a fast one and tell us science says fracking is safe when we know it is not.

    Clearly Hannity does not know and does not care about the real problems caused by fracking including pollution of water, air, and ground water and adverse health impacts to humans and animals. We can only hope that Cuomo will understand and that DEC will hold off on any decision until the public has all the information and can comment fully on all aspects of the issue.
    We cannot trade water for gas, nor can we trade jobs in agriculture, tourism, hunting, fishing, wineries, beer making and all the other business that use good quality water for temporary jobs in the gas industry most of which will go to people who do not live in NYS.

  3. So, Hannity goes on a non-fact-based tear against Governor Cuomo. It would be better not to give him a wider reach by quoting him on your blog, although I appreciate your having pointed out his misstating the actual data. Apparently, Hannity thinks hydrofracking is the only way to create jobs? That doesn’t even make sense. Here in Broome County, hundreds of jobs are being created by the building of a new SmartEnergy Center at Binghamton University and by the expansion of the number of students, faculty and staff there, along with attendant construction jobs and jobs in the rental housing and student support services sectors. This is in addition to the solar lab already in place and the new high-tech incubator being developed. BAE is also hiring in their advanced hybrid vehicle program. Renewable energy jobs are dwarfing the number that might be created by drilling, without incurring the environmental and quality of life impacts that the industrialization of our area would bring.

  4. My My, this certainly has been the week for false claims, untruthful reporting and grandstanding. The gas lobby money sure is flowing strong in NY!

  5. Jackson Davies on

    Hannity needs some new issue to keep his pathetic slop of right wing spew interesting for his listeners since his total FAIL on his many months of spew saying that our President Obama would lose in a landslide. He blew that one BIG TIME didn’t he?
    His credibility is shot. But he still has a radio contract with right wing media outlets such as AM radio in NY and so many people still pollute their brains by listening to his spew.

    Unfortunately for the cause of logic, careful thinking, and intelligence, most of his listeners believe the spew he says everyday and then go forth and repeat it to others.
    Sad that the USA is not a sophisticated society when we have so many citizens that refuse to read or view other opinions, who refuse to read science articles, who refuse to listen to anything other than what is spewed to them on the radio or on the TV.

    People: dont believe right wing lies from opportunists such as Hannity, Limbaugh, and others who are only interested in getting an audience to sell more commercials. They are money making millionaires who hide behind the lack of “equal time” rules to say lies and add to the dumbing down of the USA

  6. First of all I am not a “radical environmentalist”. I am a mother, a wife, a community volunteer, a former teacher, I attend church and I love my clean air and clean water. The science is in and Hannity ought to stop spouting and start researching; jobs will be plentiful for the people OUTSIDE NY state, unless you are a hauler, a water tank trucker or a person who deals with waste. The good paying jobs are within the company and these people come into a town , soak up the rentals, stay and spend, then go when the drilling and well is complete. The only other thing they do is come occasionally to check on the station or for inspections. This is a boom and bust industry who’s only interest is to come away with their own profits , leaving the locals like me to clean up their mess when “unintended” spills happen with property values plummeting and people not being able to sell their houses anymore because no bank or insurance will be issued. The property is now a liability , not to mention all the air pollution and water pollution from the migration of the spills. So Hannity, I challenge you, come up here, buy a piece of property next to a fracking site and tell me you like living with this hell.

  7. How unbalanced of Jon Campbell to not offer the information that the report noted is over a year old and disclaimed by the NYS Department of Health. He also does not report the wrongheaded move of NYS to release proposed regulations before the release of the Environmental Impact Statement. There is no transparency regarding the Statement, although it will have a great deal of impact on the public health, water, air, land and the climate.

    Please report the full story in the future. How about some quotes labelled “Rational people take issue with Sean Hannity’s statements made with no rational backup?”

  8. Hannity and his ilk are like the Pied Piper, leading us to the societal cliff where we can jump off together. Into the Abyss.

    Read “Blinded by the Right”.

  9. Hannity is obviously re-spouting the errors and misinformation he’s gotten from other left wing ultraconservative ignoramuses. Anyone who still thinks fracking can be done safely is living with their heads in the sand. The science has been in for a long time now, and hydrofracking will never be safe, never be better for the environment, never be clean,and will never be the best choice for energy. Renewables are the answer, and that is what Cuomo should be supporting. He’s completely right not to jump the gun and hurry a decision on fracking- though he needs to do a TRUE health risk assessment, and he needs to look at data provided by scientists, NOT the natural gas companies! If he doesn’t want another Sandy, he needs to say no to hydrofracking.

  10. Where is the evidence that hydrofracking creates jobs???

    It isn’t creating jobs in PA: “The ugly fact is that Pennsylvania’s unemployment during September was higher than the national rate for the first time in a decade and is up from 7.4% to 8.2%, despite the falling national unemployment rate and the gas boom.” http://johnhanger.blogspot.com/2012/11/despite-gas-boom-pennsylvanias.html?spref=fb

    One must ask, if PA’s hasn’t created jobs from all the fracking, what makes anyone think fracking in NY will create jobs?

  11. Jackson Davies on

    Agreed. Hannity is a braggart, foul, hypocrite who pompously denigrates anyone who is progressive, logical, and compassionate. Thinkers not needed in his self serving world of opportunism via the public airwaves.

  12. Love how there are no longer any liberals, only “progressives.” LOL. Like removing the wrong leg in an operation and calling it a “therapeutic misadventure.”