Westchester Legislator Virginia Perez launches fundraising for 2013 campaign


Legislator Virginia Perez, D-Yonkers, who broke with her party to approve the 2013 county budget with seven Republicans and one other Democrat, is launching her reelection campaign with an email to supporters saying she has lived up to her promise to be an independent advocate for her district and appealing for money to fight off a potential primary challenge.

“My historic budget vote prevented working families and small business from receiving a costly tax increase while retaining our County’s AAA credit rating thereby reducing our cost to finance many of our important programs and operations,” said Perez, who represents District 17.

The budget compromise kept the child care costs to parents in the county’s subsidized programs from going to the maximum and added public safety workers, she said.

“The big party bosses are unhappy with my independent voting record and are prepared to spend thousands of dollars against me in an effort to elect someone who will represent them instead of representing you,” she said. “We can’t let that happen!”

Photo: Legislator Virginia Perez


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  1. Coquita Lopez on

    Wonder how much of this message she wrote if any.
    She voted to cut funding for local health clinics in her district,
    voted to end ethnic festivals at Kensico Dam county park by removing funding,
    voted to increase the cost of child care for several hundred working moms who otherwise will end up on welfare when they cant secure child care for their children,
    voted to lay off taxpaying workers for the county when no deficit exists,
    and voted to cut bus funding in lines serving Yonkers as well as insuring a future bus fare hike for those bus riders from her district who use the county bus lines.

    All of those were Republican demands in the 2013 budget put forth by Astorino and supported by his party who hates poor people and who continues to be uncooperative with the majority party in the county.
    En la calle is she was secretly financed by the Republicans and that she is a Republican but only ran as a Democrat because she lives (for now) in Democrat South Yonkers.
    Perez is a opportunist – el que obra sólo por interés who will do whatever the money tells her to do.
    Come November she will be a bad chiste – a subject of ridicule and derision.

  2. Amanda Johnson on

    Virginia Perez is a sellout to a majority of her constituents. She took a 6-week vacation to Africa right after having to declare bankruptcy, and just at the most important time of the year when she should have been involved in the budget process. She is a DINO in every respect whose campaign was funded by Astorino. The voters will decide in November whether they REALLY feel she represents THEIR interests. Very simple.

  3. Lucille Kearney on

    This woman should be ashamed of herself. She voted against the working/lower class that are her constituents in South Yonkers. She voted to close health centers, which the working/lower class rely on to get their medical care. She voted against Hispanics, which make up a good portion of her constituents. She voted against labor, which supported her and funded her campaign. Her constituents voted for her and she, in return, stabbed them in the back. Now she’s changing her tune and begging for money. How did her vote help anyone except, perhaps, herself when she’ll be with her hand out looking for one of Astorino’s hack positions (the hack positions that remain uncut from the budget)?

  4. Really Virginia? on

    What does someone like you who declared bankruptcy just days after getting sworn in to office know about budgets and credit ratings? You messed up and you know it. None of the groups and constituents that supported you 2 years ago, the ones you blatantly betrayed, are going to give you a dime other than astorino’s people.

    You know them right? The people that donated exactly $99 to you totaling more than $5000 so that you were not required by law to report their names on your financial disclosure forms (names of donors donating $100 or more must be reported). The only thing that is transparent about you and has been since day one are your motives. You are going to find out the hard way that nothing is free just like your friend sandy annabi did. You are just too dumb not to.

  5. I am one of the County Workers she laid off. I do not have income to pay my mortgage, healthcare, daycare, etc. But what I have is time. Time I will use to inform everyone of Ms. Perez real agenda. Time that I will use to get my fellow latinas more politically involved. It is my mission to get everyone I know to the polls. If I have to drive each and every single hard working single mother in Yonkers to the polls to vote against her, I will. Karma is a b*&@h.

  6. Linda why don’t you use your time wisely, polish up your resume & find a job? Time for you to move on and stop being so bitter. Its only a job and I’m sure you’ll find another. Best of Luck!

  7. She needs to realize that her actions definitely speak louder than her words – She will not be able to smile her way out of this one. She made her deal, now she must live with it, and she needs to stop lying about her actions. Poor Choice for her, resulting in her constituents to suffer.

  8. Look at all these vicious women attacking another woman in the ugliest of ways. Disagreeing with Perez’ vote and her rationale is fair game. Sexist remarks about her appearance, her sexuality and her intelligence are not. You do remember the man she replaced, right?

    As for her fundraising, I’ll defy any of you to comb through a half dozen democratic filings and not find similar reporting, when it’s even reported. Perez ran a grass roots campaign and did not have the resources to avail herself of sophisticated party apparatus for financial reporting.

    You’re all acting like Republicans with your ugly intimations and your threats. I guess we fight our own little wars on women who have the temerity to vote in a manner that displeases us. Isn’t that exactly what the right wingers do? You’re no better than they are when they rant outside the clinics.

  9. Haters!!!!

    Wow, talk about the white man keeping us down. why would the white man lift a finger when we’re doing it to ourselves? not agreeing with her is one thing, but going after her with personal attacks and threats is another. Why can’t you agree to disagree? you women should be ashamed of yourselves for putting down another young woman. would you like people doing this to your daughter, sister, mother or friend? if they had a mind of their own and chose to exercise their independence and individuality? Perez is an elected official and its her prerogative to vote her conscious, wheter you like her vote or not; thats what democracy is all about. FYI for coquita lopez- Perez wrote that press release herself and I know that, because I sat next to her waiting for her to finish, so that i can help her send it out. Word of advise to you all- jealousy is a terrible disease, i suggest you go get help.

  10. You can write Virginia? on

    I have attended meetings in yonkers where you spoke and you can barely do that.

  11. How goes the fundraising Pelucha? on

    How many anonymous $99 checks has your buddy rob funneled to you to date?