1,000+ Protest Hydrofracking Outside Cuomo’s State of the State


Lawmakers and lobbyists walking from the state Capitol to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address were met with an intimidating sight: At least 1,000 opponents of hydrofracking wielding signs and chanting as they lined the concourse.

You can get a taste of it in the video below, which depicts a walkthrough of the quarter-mile stretch the protesters took up.

Try as they might, Cuomo’s speech had nary a mention of the controversial technique used in the gas-extraction process. Cuomo aide Howard Glaser said it’s because hydrofracking is still under review by the departments of Health and Environmental Conservation.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    Fracking is an environmental disaster waiting to surely happen to destroy over 150 years of smart engineering that built the NYC drinking water supply system. NYC has among the best source of clean safe water in the world. The same NYC system supplies many other cities and towns with pure clean water for drinking .
    We cannot allow CEOs and corporations from gas and drilling firms to ruin what was built by smart people who realized that safe drinking water is basic human neccesity for survival.
    Once the source of clean water is polluted it is not coming back.

    Fracking must be not allowed.

  2. Cuomo said in the State of the State that New York should lower its greenhouse gas emissions. This would be impossible if any fracking is permitted using the draft regulations that are currently being commented on, which do not require green completions, still allowing venting and flaring. Recent science shows that gas fields are emitting a significant percentage of methane, a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. http://www.nature.com/news/methane-leaks-erode-green-credentials-of-natural-gas-1.12123 There has also been no regulatory effort to contain methane leakage in the processing and transmission system. This damaging methane leakage is on top of the greenhouse gases emitted by all the trucks, compressors, and other equipment, which are predominantly burning diesel. If the governor is truly committed to combating global climate change, he must ban unconventional drilling in the state and double down on his efforts in renewable energy and conservation.

  3. Lucille Kearney on

    There’s but one earth that we live on, and that we will leave to our children and the rest. Once we screw up our water supply, our wetlands, our land, to make some energy companies rich, what will happen then? The landowners will look at a quick buck, the energy companies will rape the land, and when the water supply is screwed up and the companies declare bankruptcy, who is going to be left holding the bag? The taxpayer. Fracking is bad for the land, bad for the water, bad economic policy, bad for the people. I hope Cuomo keeps that in mind.

  4. Miranda Miguelito on

    Today on the Today Show (Jeff Rossen reporting) they had a family who lives outside of Cleveland, and who are currently experiencing flamable water coming from their tap. They put a lighter on the water as it flowed out and it caught on fire. The family has to drink bottled water, but obviously using bottled water for bathing is not practical, so the children are currently bathing in methane water. The cost of a water treatment apparatus is $8000, which the family does not have. Of course, the energy (fracking) company states that they “welcome the State investigation” into the matter, but imagine if every household had this issue? Who’s going to come in and save the day for this family and others like it? Who’s going to pay the higher medical costs of the long term effects of drinking, bathing and cooking with water that has methane in it? The energy companies are laughing all the way to the bank.