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Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s written State of the State message calls for closing loopholes in the state’s ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines as well as a proposal to require background checks for all gun sales, even if they are private.

Cuomo will also propose allowing the state to revoke a firearms license if a mental health professional determines the license holder is “in serious harm to self or others.”

The governor’s gun plan includes a mix of specifics and broad language. It’s light on details when it comes to bolstering penalties for gun crimes and possession of illegal guns.

From the written message:

“To effectively deter the flow and use of illegal guns on our streets, we will propose enhancing penalties for those who illegally buy guns; for those who use guns on school property; and for those who engage in violent and serious drug-related gang activity.”

Cuomo’s written message is contained in a 312-page book, distributed this afternoon. You can read it below. His formal speech is expected to start at any moment, and can be viewed here.

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  1. Regarding Affordable Housing, I do not understand why there are maximum income limits imposed. I can understand that we need to keep affordable housing available for those with low incomes, but not everyone with higher incomes necessarily WANT to live in affordable housing – they probably want nicer communities, more luxurious apartments, etc. But why are we ignoring people who might make a little more but want to be able to put together a good savings, or those who happen to have a lot of bills (credit cards, student loans, etc) and therefore can’t afford the extremely expensive typical housing in, say, the Westchester area? My second comment is that even affordable housing in NY (at least in the lower hudson valley) is still NOT affordable. $1400 for a 2-bedroom apartment, for example, is NOT affordable.