NRA: Cuomo is “America’s Most-Anti-Gun Governor”


Saying he’s “exploiting tragedy,” the National Rifle Association pushed back hard against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to reform the state’s gun laws, branding it as “assaults on your Second Amendment rights.”

In an alert posted on its lobbying website, the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action said Cuomo “demonstrated his lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution” in his State of the State on Wednesday.

“Please contact your state Senator and Assemblyman TODAY and respectfully ask him or her to oppose legislation that does nothing more than target law-abiding gun owners,” the NRA posted.

Cuomo’s gun agenda included a mix of specifics and broad language, including a push to make the “strongest assault weapons ban in the nation.” The state’s current ban includes “more holes than Swiss Cheese,” Cuomo has said.

“America’s Most-Anti-Gun Governor hails from the same state as the nation’s Most-Anti-Gun Mayor, New York City Michael Bloomberg,” according to the NRA post.


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  1. the consultant on

    cuomo’s position has nothing to do with being anti-gun; no one wants to take guns that
    are used for hunting or for target shooting or other diversions out of owners hands
    what cuomo and most people now believe is important is to limit the access that the public
    has to assault weapons and magazines whose sole function is to kill as many people in
    as little time as possible…and this further has nothing whatever to do with the 2nd amendment
    which is a cloke to hide behind for the NRA because most people have never read it..that amendment was clearly aimed at the right to bear arms in the context of an organized militia
    it says nothing about individual weapons ownership outside of an organized militia and it
    is the supreme court that has made that the same people that don’t like the leap
    in roe vs wade love the leap in the 2nd amendment cases in DC….but the fact is that there
    is not way that the framers couldhave foreseen that there would be the kinds of devastating
    weapons on the streets today nor would they have condoned those kinds of weapons being
    universally available…limiting the ability to own them legally limits the possibility that unstable
    non owners can get their hands on them as we saw unfortunately in Newtown…the less they
    are available to the general public the less likely the possibility of mass murders

  2. Jackson Davies on

    NRA has too much influence on what the USA wants. Time for that LaPierre to step down and take his million dollar yearly salary with him and plain shut up.

    Enough of his crazy crazy speeches such as putting guns in schools. The man is delusional crazy.

  3. The Governor is over reaching. NYS has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, the Sullivan law of 1911. It is now a class e felony to possess a illegal hand gun even if the party has a legal permit from another state.

    His comments questioning why a deer hunter would need a 10 round clip to shoot a deer is ignorant of why people use guns. The primary reason is for self defense. Other use guns for sport shooting and hunting. The comment about hunting is a bizzare deflection of what he is trying to do. If he had his way, everyone would use a single shop rifle.

    He should have been concerned about the carnage that goes on every day in NYC and other cities in NYS where innocent children are caught in the cross fire of gangs. Where was his outrage then??

    His comments about gun confiscation say it all. He is a extremist who cares little for the bill of rights which is where the 2nd Amendment is found.