State Conservative Party: “New York Already Has Very Strict Gun Laws”


The state Conservative Party said it opposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposals for tighter gun-control laws, urging the Legislature to go after the illegal use of guns.

The party, in a memo to state lawmakers today, said New York’s gun laws aren’t the problem, it’s criminals and mentally ill people who are getting guns illegally.

The party cited the ambush of emergency responders in Webster, Monroe County, on Christmas Eve that was committed by William Spengler, who served 17 years in prison for murdering his grandmother.

“Spengler never should have been released from prison,” the party said. “Any further restrictions on legal gun ownership in New York State will jeopardize the safety of all New York’s citizens. The best solution to end indefensible terroristic acts is to prosecute to the fullest extent possible all those who use illegal guns.”

The party said that the “solutions proposed by Governor Cuomo will do little to end the indefensible terroristic acts committed by deranged evil perpetrators, but will make it even harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.”

The party noted the case of Melinda Herman, a Georgia mother who shot an intruder at her home earlier this month.

Sen. Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, who heads the Independent Democratic Conference, said today that he’s hopeful the Legislature could approve a gun-control package next week. He said among the measures would be reducing the number of legal bullets in a magazine from 10 to seven.

“The more bullets in a clip that you can fire off, the more people you could potentially kill,” Klein said on 1300-AM (WGDJ). “We want to protect hunters rights, and no hunter needs more than seven bullets.”

Klein said the state should move forward on tougher gun-control measures before any federal action.

“I think we should move ahead before and make New York the toughest gun state in the nation,” he said.


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  1. Se Klein. It is NOT ABOUT HUNTING! If you took the time to read the 2nd Amendment AND associated CASE LAW, you would see that it protects EXACTLY the firearms you are trying to BAN.

  2. Conservatives say “buy and keep all the weapons and ammo you want”. When you vote, remember that’s what they stand for.

  3. If zee vant to zee hobnail boots goosestepping in zee streets remember zat is vich kwane stands for!

  4. January 10, 2013

    “What’s the answer?”

    (A loved one asked me this question; I will now do my best to answer it)

    Dear Governor Cuomo,

    Mr. Cuomo your six point plan will not save one life should a madman decide to fulfill his perverted lunacy. Any more then keeping the wasteful COBIS system running would have; which you thankfully put out of its misery. In NYC the daughter of a wealthy radiologist had successfully stockpiled enough weapons and bomb making material to do massive harm. Last I checked the “Sullivan Law” was in full force there, and so were hundreds of other regulations with regard to the transportation, and use of explosives. President Obama after every horrible event like this has caused the same reaction in the public thanks to his irresponsible comments. Horror happens, he tries to soothe the broken hearted and the lost (I sincerely thank him for that) then he uses some of the worst language a President could choose and the whole show starts again; and then you get in the act and do the same immature dance. Firearms clear the shelves, ammunition is sold by the truckload, and then the factories get cranked up to do it all again. Because so long as we dope our kids up on these drugs, fail to turn boys into gentleman, and girls into women we can guarantee that these acts of terror will continue. Let’s try to stop the next one by not creating the very thing we all want to avoid in the first place. In the long run we want our children to pick up an iphone find out where there friends are and to grow up in peace and prosperity; while they try to sort out life’s challenges, just like we did.

    Now, New York is one of this nations primary “melting pots” and has some spots of extremely high density of population. Thus, it must have fairly restrictive laws to allow residents time to understand what citizenship is all about before they decide to pick up a firearm, much less understand it’s not for hunting deer. As I’m certain you are aware of the history of the “Sullivan Law” and what happened to Mr. Sullivan I won’t trod through old ground or even train tracks. But we must deal with the here and now in a nation that is going in the other direction no matter what happens here with regard to firearms. Because we are not going to leave The Union and drop the bridges and inspect every package like in the old East German days. What you seek to ban will find it’s way here, and it is only raw luck that it has not hit one of our schools yet considering how some children are raised, and how some parents have abandoned the responsibility to be good parents. Our modern world has many casualties; one of them seems to be selfless parents. Regardless, let’s proceed in the spirit of compromise and wisdom that our parents once had; because that wisdom was hard won, and it would be a shame not to apply to the reality we face today. We all can all read the statistics on crime. We all know historically what races and economic classes engage in what kinds of nefarious behaviors, and that it has high odds of putting them in the morgue. We all agree in New York that we have accepted our egalitarian responsibility to do what we can to lift those up, towards that noble end, we provide a ladder and push them up that ladder in an effort to break that cycle. Some say that we are nuts for doing this. But, when I’m at Carmines and I listen to the stories of my fellow NY’s it tells me that we are tough as nails for doing this, but we have hearts of gold. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t easy or cheap. But we do get it done and we turn out some very tough Americans of every race, color, or creed.

    Let’s apply the same focus on firearms. Let’s acknowledge that we need good guys and gals with pistols near schools as a permanent fixture. Please don’t forget we lost the Twin Towers because we took guns away from pilots. That’s a sobering thought. That one act of disarmament changed world history. To allow the insane even that much breathing room is too much and we have an obligation to defend our children from this foreseeable risk just like we do airplanes. Pistol permits are a disaster in New York. On the one hand the “rich and famous” get them, but they live lives of ease and comfort, and the odds of them needing one are astronomically low unless they want to end it all; but the odds of that business woman who is on the train heading home to her husband and kids might he not need one late at night? The answer is yes – she might need one. So let’s find a way to make that happen for those who want to shoulder that awesome responsibility. Finally, “military style firearms and their accouterments.” Whatever they may be. Whatever they may look like. It would be far easier and less costly to institute a simple requirement that says NY’s must present a CC permit from any State (assuming it requires the basics) to obtain such a firearm than trying to ban them. Just look at a map or hang out at a rest stop on I95, preferably not with Jim McGreevey. These thoughts ought to be expressed as a compromise between both Democrats and Republicans at the State level and at the Federal level as well. Simple solutions that are the least costly will provide the best results. They always do, it’s why you are not married, and it’s why I am. By the way? Why is that? You should make an honest women out of her. People like weddings.

    They like Presidents with wives.



    Joe Doakes

    (See that I’m still here . . . :) . . .)

  5. Zee madmen arrr not of the left. Zee madmen to fear, with Zee hobnail boots arrr from ze Right Wing. Zey arrr zee angry ones, always bemoaning other Americans, ze Liberulls Zey hate so much. I fear them, who love their guns and despise those who dont agree with them.

  6. [“I think we should move ahead before and make New York the toughest gun state in the nation,” he said.]

    So New York, with presently the fourth most restrictive gun laws which didn’t protect the firefighters, (Just ahead of Connecticut at fifth place which didn’t protect Sandy Hook Elementary students and staff) would have even more gun restictions than the present front-runner, California. That should inally keep schools “gun-free.”

    Oh, wait.

  7. All one has to do, is compare the statements and actions of the antis, to any one and or combination of the following mental perversions, illness’s, all easily demonstrated by their irrational and unsubstantiated fears of the law abiding gun owners!

    Why is it so bad to despise those whose whole claim is based on the pathological lie that gun control of the law abiding reduces violence by the felons & crazies when it never has?

    I thought moral people didnt respect lies or those who such promote lies, oh thats right, they dont! Dont trust liars either!

    Oh thats right, antis believe that repeating a lie often enough somehow makes it true!

    Sexual Fetishism
    Mythomania (Pathological Lying)
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Drug Addicition (drinking that progressive elixir of prozac/lsd koolaide)
    etc, etc, etc,

    But the most telling of the antis obvious symptoms is the Sociopath

    A person with antisocial personality disorder. Probably the most widely recognized personality disorder. A sociopath is often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments. Though some sociopaths have become murders, most reveal their sociopathy through less deadly and sensational means.

    Charles Manson
    Ted Bundy

    Both are sociopaths

    As a rule, sociopaths tend to gravitate to socialist or Blue model socialism.

    We see the START report Jan 2012 to Homeland Security where since 1970 we see that leftists, have committed 364 violent terrorist attacks on US soil vs 58 by righties. Yeah sad how that leftist/blue social model group is nearly 7 times more violent as a rule.

    Past experience with gun control leaders such as Annette “Flirty” Stevens (Illinois Million Mom March president caught with drugs and a de-serialized handgun), Sheila Eccleston (Mothers Against Violence, imprisoned for possessing a sawed-off shotgun), James Kelly (Seattle Urban League anti-gunner caught brandishing a handgun during an argument), Bart Stupak (champion of mandatory federal trigger locks whose son later committed suicide with dad’s unlocked gun), and Barbara Graham (DC Million Mom March activist convicted of a revenge shooting of an innocent person who HADN’T killed her son) suggests that frustrated gun control activists tend to go out with a bang rather than a whimper.

    The moral is, if you ever happen to come across Dennis Henigan, and kwanes of this world take cover. You don’t want to be at Ground Zero when they go postal and its not a matter of if, its a matter of when!”

    Doubt it, do the research and prove the above wrong, good luck, lol!