Astorino asks Journal News/ to take down gun map


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino sent a letter to Journal News Publisher Janet Hasson today asking her to take down the map of pistol permit holders that has caused a major outcry about gun rights and privacy.

“My request is based on public safety concerns and basic common sense,” said a draft of the letter he made public.

Astorino said the decision to “indiscriminately publish” information about gun permit holders was misguided and “demonized individuals who did nothing wrong.” He also said the map potentially puts people in harm’s way.


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  1. This is so pandering. Intelligent people in Westchester see this person as what he is. Anyone who would pander to one special interest group deserves the scorn he will get from the majority of Westchester residents.

  2. Not Stupid (like Billy Kidd) on

    Billy Kid you are a moron. Astorino is about as unfriendly as it gets on Guns. BUT he is not stupid – this map (away from being wrong) actually endangers people.

    Clearly the newspaper doesn’t care (in fact it probabloy prefers it as it will help them create news)