How Did Your Senator Vote on the Gun Bill?


Wondering how your state senator voted Monday on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bill to revamp New York’s gun laws?

You can see a senator-by-senator vote count below.

A total of 18 senators voted against the bill — all Republicans. Several GOP senators did vote in favor, including Sens. Mark Grisanti, R-Buffalo, and Marty Golden, R-Brooklyn.

Here’s the vote:


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  1. Time for upstate and downstate to split into two separate states. Why should the people of NYC be able to tell the people of suburban and rural NY how to live their lives?

  2. And why should Upstate social mores, rent regulations, wage rules, etc dictate terms to 8 million people? If NYC LI and Westchester left Upstate adrift, they wouldn’t be up the Hudson.

    They’d be up the creek.

  3. We living upstate have no need for the city. We get way too many of their criminals. The murders and drug busts overwhelmingly perpetrated by NYC scum who come here to prey on the citizens of Upstate NY. The city gets much of their electric and all of their water from Upstate, we get their liberal views and their criminals. NYC should be separated from Upstate. By the way city boy, Long Island has tried in the past to dump the city as well, look it up. Apparently it makes all sides happier so why are we not doing it? You can have Cuomo and Schumer and all of your city reps. We’ll take our freedoms and our rights.