Assembly Democrats Again Seek To Offer Financial Aid To Immigrant Students


After passing the measure last year, Assembly Democrats are again pushing for enactment of the DREAM Act, which would allow immigrant students to apply for state financial aid.

The state Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act would also create a fund to would provide private scholarships to immigrant students.

Democrats in Albany have pushed for the measure, but it hasn’t passed the Republican-led Senate. Now a bi-partisan coalition runs the Senate, so Democrats are hopeful the bill stands a better chance.

“Our immigrant families, like many struggling in these trying economic times, need financial help to achieve their educational goals,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said in a statement. “As a child of immigrants, I know that investing in these inspiring students represents an investment in our future.”

The bill (A.2597) would make New York one of four states – including Texas, New Mexico, and California – to offer state financial aid to the children of immigrants, Silver said.

Since 2002, New York has offered in-state tuition prices to immigrant youth. The bill would use the same criteria for financial aid for immigrants for its various financial-aid programs.

The DREAM Fund would raise private money for scholarships to college-bound children with at least one immigrant parent. It would be overseen by a 12-person commission.


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  1. One guesses that the adjective ‘illegal’ in front of ‘immigrant’ has been permanently shelved by the left wing zealots. Just like ‘liberal’ has disappeared entirely, replaced by ‘progressive.’

  2. Why would immigrants, legal or illegal, get priority over US citizens? Where is the financial aid to our own children? Chuck the DREAM Act. It’s not fair at all! These people come into our country and system already with enough benefits that have bankrupted the US. Is the interest that OUR US children are paying on their school loans paying for the scholarships and financial aid of the immigrant children? Sickening!

  3. Another bad idea that only makes it more expensive for the rest of us. I bet George Latimer votes aye for this which would be just another example why he’s wrong for lower westchester.

  4. all of the above on

    Are these legal or illegal immigrants? The story doesn’t say.

    If illegal, there’s no way NY should be funding this.

    Maybe the Democrats are looking at this as a way to fill the void left by all the people fleeing NY’s high taxes for cheaper places to live, like Arizona, Texas or Florida? You know the places where Repuplicans rule the land and have kept it inexpensive to live? NY needs a magnet of some sort and I guess they’ve decided to make it hand-outs, but eventually everyone has to pay as nothing’s free.

    City boy, its never too late for people to admit they voted wrongly. We’ll all pay the price though.

  5. Let’s face it, this is just one aspect of a much larger 20th century issue that has slopped over into the 21st century and the time has come to finally resolve it. An interesting new international book/ebook that helps those coming to the US, including students, is “What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z: How to understand crazy American culture, people, government, business, language and more.” It paints a revealing picture of America for those foreigners who will benefit from a better understanding. Endorsed worldwide by ambassadors, educators, and editors, it also identifies foreigners who became successful in the US and how they contributed to our society, some of whom were students. It has a chapter that explains how to be accepted to an American university and cope with a new culture, including friendship and classroom differences they will encounter. It elaborates on ways of getting financial assistance, even free colleges and universities. Half our foreign students stay here after graduation. It has four chapters that explain how US businesses operate, a must for those who will work for an American firm or with a foreign firm in the US environment. It also has chapters that identify the most common English grammar and speech problems foreigners have and tips for easily overcoming them, the number one problem they say that holds them back. Most struggle in their efforts and need guidance from concerned Americans, books like this, and Dreamers protection to extend a cultural helping hand so we all have a win-win situation. http://www.AmericaAtoZ­.com