Astorino appoints Rosa Boone as county liaison to faith community


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino announced today that he has appointed Rosa Boone, a deputy social services director, as the county’s liaison to the faith community.

Boone will help clergy and religiously- affiliated organizations access county services and information.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    Public Relations is what Astorino is best at.
    He is a trained and experienced media person with his past experience in sports talk radio and public message pushing.
    Fact is he hates poor people based on his three years of creating budgets that cut out vital support for programs that help the working poor and provide other services for those who do not have funds for high priced lawyers, advocacy for important issues, affordable daycare, and for those who are hungry but working hard.
    As pointed out in the Dec 26 Community Views article from 25 members of the Westchester clergy, Astorino is still a Scrooge.
    This act of appointing an advocate towards that does nothing to change his inner beliefs.