Environmental Group Mails Southern Tier To Warn About Fracking


The group Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy said today it is mailing a brochure to Southern Tier counties that could be allowed to conduct hydrofracking, saying they want to warn residents about the risks associated with the controversial drilling practice.

Fracking has been on hold in New York since 2008, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to make a decision as soon as next month when a health review is completed. If it moves forward, the majority of the drilling would occur in the Southern Tier — which sits above the gas-rich Marcellus Shale.

Business groups say the drilling would be a boon for the struggling regional economy and dismiss the health risks, saying it would properly regulated.

“Creating jobs, generating millions in revenues for local schools and the state, and saving family farms and lifting whole communities — those are facts that makes safe natural gas development the inevitable choice for New York,” said Karen Moreau, the executive director of the state Petroleum Council.

Environmental groups say the risk isn’t worth it.

“Governor Cuomo hasn’t leveled with New Yorkers, so no one can predict exactly when or where high-volume hydraulic fracturing may be introduced in the state, but one thing is already clear: politically powerful constituencies like New York City will be given a measure of protection that won’t be extended to rural communities,” the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy said in a statement today.

There has been speculation that if fracking where to be allowed it would on a limited basis in the counties of Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga. The New York City watershed that runs through Catskills would be off limits.

The group said it’s mailing this brochure to 190,000 houses.

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  1. Kudos to Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy. Fracking is not the only option to boost the economy. We can use renewable energy to support our economy, society, and environment.

  2. Under present circumstances fracking cannot be properly regulated. The proposed regulations are inadequate and full of flaws as demonstrated by 204,000 comments from thousands of NYS residents. The process DEC followed in ending the comment period before completing the SGEIS and the health impact study work appears to be illegal and is likely to be challenged if DEC tries to meet that Feb 27 deadline.

    Also, with 17 or fewer people in the minerals and gas division of DEC, NYS is barely equipped to review and approve drilling permits, much less provide the sorely needed supervision in the field.

  3. Anyone who read the proposed regulations knows that they are nowhere near sufficient to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers and the land, air, water, ecosystem, and climate that sustain us. I appreciate the work of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and look forward to the arrival of their mailer in my Broome County mailbox soon.

  4. Good for Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy in their attempt to educate the public. The director of the State Petroleum Council tells us that fracking will be done safely. And the fox tells us the hens are all safe on their roosts when the farmer leaves the door to the hen house open. Why is gas industry information given as fact when there is no legitimate backup because it doesn’t exist? The ability to pay for expensive industry advertising is not proof that their statements are true.

    New York State needs to pay heed to the evidence of Pennsylvania and other states where groundwater has been contaminated, excessive amounts of fresh water have been used in fracking fluid, air has been poisoned with greenhouse gas methane and radioactive radon, land has been decimated. land value has plummeted, and climate change has increased along with erratic weather patterns. NYS and the US need to ramp up renewable energy now.

  5. Please people of the Southern Tier,please get educated as to what will happen if fracking comes to your area. Check first your mortgage contract. If you have a mortgage, and see if “industrial activities” are allowed. Banks are not issuing mortgages to homeowners who are a certain distance from fracking sites. So if you put a fracking site on your property and have a mortgage, you might be liable with the bank. And that’s not the half of it, if you don’t like being near a site because of the smell,noise of constant truck traffic, 30 foot flares night and day, not to forget to mention the possibility of your water and air being tainted; and you want to move, forget it. Homeowners insurance companies will not issue new insurance policies to anyone who would actually want to purchase your home and the mortgage lenders won’t give the new prospective buyers a mortgage because your land is a liability. Please. say no to fracking and call the Governor a t877) 255-9417- it’s a toll free number. Tell the Governor to push renewables. That’s New York’s future.