Some local authorities blame oversights, technology for placement on delinquents list


This morning the state Authorities Budget Office released a list showing industrial development agencies and local development corporations that have failed to file financial reports with the state.

Several agencies contacted about the list said it was an oversight or a technical mistake.

“The (Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Development Corporation) is in the process of filing,” wrote Yonkers spokeswoman Christina Gilmartin in an email today. “They have uploaded all of the information except the financials because the ABO wanted the financial information transferred to a document that was not matching up with our records.”

“This was an oversight,” wrote White Plains spokeswoman Karen Pasquale. “The White Plains Urban Renewal Agency Annual Report and Audit Report were submitted this morning.”

Steven Porath, executive director of the Rockland County Industrial Development Agency, said his agency’s annual report was filed but not certified, a process he described as pushing an additional button.

“The matter is resolved from a warning standpoint,” said Porath.

The Westchester County Industrial Development Agency was on the ABO list for not filing a budget report. In fact, the agency’s board adopted the documents at its Dec. 6 meeting and the agency even gave The Journal News copies of the documents on that date.

Westchester County IDA executive director Eileen Mildenberger called the missing filing an embarrassing oversight and she said the report was sent to Albany today.


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