VIDEO: Gun-Rights Supporters Rally At State Capitol After New Law


Gun-rights advocates rallied outside the state Capitol today to protest the state’s new gun-control law passed by the Legislature on Tuesday.

Chanting “Freedom,” “U.S.A.” and “Cuomo’s Gotta Go,” several thousand people expressed opposition to the new law championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The measure is the first and toughest law in the nation since the Newtown. Conn., school shootings last month. Cuomo and supporters have hailed the law as a critical step toward curbing gun violence in the state and nation.

Gun owners, however, said they are being unfairly targeted by the new law and were dismayed by the quick passage of it by lawmakers. The bill was adopted hours after it was printed.

“If they want to do something, then give it the people. If they want to do a referendum on casinos, why don’t they do one on gun control?” said Paul Jameson, 54, Saugerties, Ulster County. “This is absolutely crazy the way the governor has done this. It borders on illegal, and it takes away our rights.”

Other accused the Democratic governor of pushing for the law so he could build his national profile. He is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016.

“We elected them to serve us. They are serving themselves,” said Eli Noseworthy, 69, of Long Island. “The governor is concerning himself with his aspirations to run for president, and that’s not right.”

The National Rifle Association has protested the new law, and lawsuits are expected against the state.

The rally was part of a national effort Saturday called Guns Across America and included rallies at state capitals to protest new laws and legislation.

“I don’t feel like I’m a criminal. In order to keep order, we need good guys with guns,” said Heather Johnson, 36, of Kirkville, Onondaga County.

Cuomo on Saturday said the law would save lives. A Siena College poll Thursday showed wide support for the governor and the gun-control measures.

The law puts a tighter ban on assault weapons and lowers the number of bullets allowed in a magazine from 10 to seven. It adds more stringent regulations on gun permitting and expands background checks for pistol sales.

Assemblyman James Tedisco, R-Schenectady, spoke at the rally and said he agreed with the crowd’s concerns. But he cautioned that their anger should be used in productive ways. He led a moment of silence for the victims of recent shootings.

“You and I who are the honest, law-abiding citizens and gun owners cannot turn that into bitterness, hatred,” said Tedisco, who is in the video below. “We’re going to be angry, but you have to turn that anger into something positive.”


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  1. Guns No Rights on

    Please, guns have no rights. People should rally for something important.
    All Angry white men we see in the pictures. Angry white men better embrace modern viewpoints to stop being angry.

  2. If you where there like i was you would eat your words true there where more whites than blacks there but there was alot of blacks in the crowd due to bad media coverage you did not see them media wants to make all gun owners out to be “Angry Whites” its complete bull

  3. What’s wrong with being an angry white male? I’m tired of people bringing race to the equation. It makes your opposition seem uneducated and irrational as you try and use race as a foundation. Try again. We as gun owners don’t care what color you are. We are what keeps America the way it is. Ask Hitler what works best to kill countless numbers of a population with virtually no opposition. Can’t happen here you say? You are dead wrong. Hopefully we won’t have to find out the hard way. Mean time. Please educate yourself so you don’t sound so stupid.

  4. If an American Hitler rises, he’s coming from the Right, not the Left. He’s coming wrapped in Red State anger, railing against liberals and immigrants. He’s coming backed by the military and the South, and all the gun lovers who are ready for Armageddon. Those of us who want gun control fear YOU the law abiding owner of an arsenal on our block. Unless your home is attacked by 10 ninja warriors, you dont need all that firepower to feel safe. You make me and my kids feel unsafe.

  5. So you are afraid of your constitution.? I am curious. Why do citizens that bear arms lawfully make you feel unsafe? And if that is the case Maybe America is not for you. If you need total control to feel safe I am sure there are other countries that might be more suitable for you. Don’t label people as criminals that are not and will not be criminals. That’s, well , blatant disrespect wich seems to be a pattern amongst you and your type.

  6. Don’t tell me I should be in another country! I love America as much as any right winger. And while were talking about rights, there’s also still Free Speech, for liberals as well as conservatives. There’s still freedom of religion, so I have dont have to belong to your church. And there’s freedom of the press so I can watch what I want, and not be drowned by Fox, Murdoch tabloids and conservative talk radio.

    Maybe YOU oughta to move to gun loving Wyoming, Texas, Georgia, Alaska and the other 20 states where you can pack heat all day long. You’ll be safe from ninjas or Hitler there.

  7. the consultant on

    please stop citing the constitution…the supreme court upheld a right to own firearms notwithstanding the plain language that the framers intended the right to own and bear
    arms in the context of an organized militia and in my opinion if they had been able
    to forsee automatic weapons in the hands of civilians they would have made that section
    more precise..but nevertheless the supreme court’s decision allowed restrictions to be placed
    on ownership and that means that efforts to control the number of automatic and semi automatic
    weapons which are legally owned is constitutional whether you like it or not…we have a gun
    culture in this nation unfortunately…people like some of the posters on this site say they
    are afraid of a government of tyrants..nonsense and purely and excuse to do what they
    want when they want ..but the fact remains that there is no reason for ordinary citizens
    to own the kinds of automatic weapons and huge magazines that are currently available
    and no reason in the world why backround checks should not be done whenever any gun
    is purchased…that’s a minimum and won’t interfere with your ability to own a gun hunt
    or protect yourself one bit one is seeking to do that but the problem is that everyone
    follows the herd and believes that the second amendment is absolute is not just like
    the first amendment is not

  8. Guns No Rights on

    Republicans are the Lance Armstrong of politics….And the Barry Bonds…and the Pete Rose…And the Bernie Madoff…and the…AIG…and the …