House speaker’s comments at today’s inauguration


House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, spoke at today’s inaugural luncheon held in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol.

Below is a copy of his remarks as released by his office:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Old Hall of the House. The people’s representatives met in this chamber over the five decades prior to the Civil War.

“It’s a wonder they made it here that long. See, the acoustics were terrible. You just couldn’t hear anything. Or, in some spots, you could hear everything being said in the room. It was a mess. And that, of course, was a time when our leaders weren’t hearing each other all that well to begin with.
“A century and a half – and many architectural improvements later – we gather in the Old Hall to better hear one another and renew the old appeal to better angels. We do so amid the rituals and symbols of unity, none more enduring than our flag.
“This year, Old Glory will mark a milestone of her own. It was in the spring of 1813 that the new commander at Fort McHenry ordered a flag to be flown over the entrance to Baltimore Harbor. ‘It should be so large,’ he said, ‘that the British will have no difficulty in seeing it from a distance.’
“For such an enormous banner, a mother-and-daughter team had to stitch together overlapping strips of wool to make the product a complete whole. From many, one. So a grand old flag was born, and not long after, an anthem to go with it. Today, wherever we put out the flag, whenever he hear it snapping in the wind, it gives proof of the blessing we call democracy – this symphony of service and faithfulness in which we all play a part.
“So in the spirit of harmony, I am proud to present the flags that flew over this battalion of democracy today to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. To you gentlemen, I say congratulations and Godspeed.”


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  1. the consultant on

    nice innauguration ceremony..but after we have important work that must be done or
    this nation will not be able to provide the kind of global leadership that is required in the
    21st century…the house republicans have indicated they are pulling back from their
    previous inflexible positions on its time for the president to read the riot act to
    his base with regard to making subtle but important changes to entitlements ….and tax

    the only way to get 4 trillion dollars in savings over the next decades is to
    1. means test medicare and raise the age of eligibility slowly by 2 years over the next 20 years
    a month a year
    2. extend the amount of income subject to FICA from 108,000 to all of the income you earn
    3. raise the rates on capital gains to 20% from 15%
    4. means test social security
    5. raise the eligibility age for social security slowly to 64 over the next 20 years
    6. decrease defense spending
    7. limit deductions in brackets starting at 450,000 higher income earners get higher
    limits with exceptions for medical expenses and charitable deductions
    8. encourage corporations not to shelter their profits in off shore accounts by lowering
    their US tax rate and penalizing them for taxes not paid because of off shore or foreign bank
    9.. eliminate carried interest
    10. abolish the AMT for all taxpayers
    11. distinguish the amount of deduction that can be taken for a primary residence
    from that which can be taken for a second residence by 50% and a third by 75%

    These are all doable steps that will over time bring the budget into balance without
    causing the safety net to be compromised and making sure that those nearing retirement
    age are not compromised. It also considers that compared to when social security was
    enacted people are living much longer and much more productive lives and if phased in
    over say the next 20 years will pose no threat to lifestyles or to expectations

  2. Advise your political clients to espouse your recommendations and watch them melt into the swampy netherworld of history.

  3. Dr. King Schultz on

    Lester – Here’s an update in case you missed it.

    Conservative Republicans lost everywhere in 2012. They lost seats in the House and the US Senate; they lost seats in the Assembly and the State Senate. From Mitt Romney to Todd Akin, Dems did very well. So exactly who is melting into the swampy netherworld of history?

  4. Boehner and McConnell offer nothing but TV appearances on more TV talk shows: that does not create a single job in the USA.
    Boehner and McConnell will insure the extinction of the Republican party unless they stop bowing down to only CEOs and billionaires and start worrying about working people who don’t have a tan all year, who never have any money to dress in fancy tailored suits like they do, and do not have aides and helpers all day to yell at.
    Working people are struggling to feed their family, pay their bills, and hope their rich boss does not decide to fire them in favor of some worker in China or Mexico who will work for $3 per day
    Boehner and McConnell both need to get out of the way or change their tunes or they will be out in 2 years.