Westchester Exec. Astorino says on balance new state gun laws positive


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino was asked his opinion on the state’s new gun laws at a press conference last week and he said while some of the changes were cosmetic, overall they did some good.

He said the tightening of the system of background checks for people with mental illness was very important and also applauded the closing of gun show loopholes. On the other hand, he thought the difference between a 10-bullet clip and a seven-bullet clip was negligible.

At the same time he criticized the quick action by the legislature as leaving no time to debate the bill and leaving the public out of the process.

“My beef was with the process, with the breakdown of the process,” he said at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the county and the faith community. “It was rammed through with no public debate.”

Astorino said he was still studying the legislation as of last Wednesday.


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  1. How bout the process of two angry Dems joining 7 Reps to jujitsu the County budget. Hold any public debate before that got jammed through???

  2. North of the Hutch on

    Libby, your liberal bastion is farther south in the Bronx.

    Who cares how the budget got passed? Just deal with it. Residents are tired of paying the highest property taxes in the country and getting little to nothing in return.

    Astorino crushed the popular Andy Spano 3 years ago because of high taxes and at least we’re on the right direction now. Had Spano won 3 years ago, the budget surely wouldn’t been well over $2 billion. Something has to give, yet you only want to spend more. Give me a break already.