Westchester business group to host forum with ‘hottest legislative duo’


The Westchester County Association has scheduled a forum with county Legislators Mike Kaplowitz and Virginia Perez and has dubbed them the “Hottest Legislative Duo” because of their decision to break ranks with the Democrats over the 2013 county budget.

The legislators joined with seven Republicans to build a temporary majority to pass a budget that compromised on issues such as child care but preserved priorities of County Executive Rob Astorino, including not using fund balance or raising the tax levy.

Before the budget, Kaplowitz, D-Somers, had already stopped caucusing with the Democrats on the board but Perez, D-Yonkers, has been steering clear since the budget season.

Photos: Legislators Virginia Perez and Michael Kaplowitz


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  1. Sleaziest Skankiest Duo on

    You gotta be kidding me. These two traitors just pulled the same stunt Pedro Espada Jr. and Hiram Monserrate pulled in 2009 and we all know how well that worked out for them. Given that Sandy Annabi the convicted corrupt pol felon was Perez’s political mentor, I’d say she is well on here way. Don’t drop the soap Perez! And from what I understand, Perez, who was collecting unemployment before she was sworn in, filed bankruptcy just days after being sworn in, and then went on a world tour, is as dumb as a rock (my apologies to rocks). That skank and that sleazeball are out themselves. Hot? Sure. Like shooting stars. I can’t wait until they hit the atmosphere with their benefactor little bobby and his tea-bagger ilk. It’s going to be a beautiful show. 1/1/14! See you then sleaze boy and skank!

  2. Yeah sure.
    Two traitors to the ideals of the Democratic party are now being honored by the millionaires and Big Business bosses who hate poor people, and whose business group also hate real Democrats who believe in giving working poor a chance to better themselves.

  3. How many people will be attending to throw food at this duo of a stuffed suit and a spike heal tramp walker? Should be interesting

  4. Just a pathetic attempt to make these turncoats look like leaders – They all should be ashamed

  5. Skank?

    Spike heal (sic) tramp walker?

    Is that the way “real Democrats” talk about women?

    So you presumably defend gays, minorities, immigrants, the poor etc. — but think it’s fine to call a woman sexist vulgar names and make reference to prison rape.

    Well it’s not.

    That’s not my Democratic party. You don’t represent the “ideals” of my party at all.

  6. We all know that those hateful, sexist comments are coming from ken jenkins and his thughs. Perez’s voters (which are the people that really matter) would never talk about her in such a way.

  7. Perez’s voters (the people who actually put her in office) would never have voted for someone who sold them out – made them pay more for child care, closed down clinics, laid off workers which equates to less services for those in need (the “those in need” who voted for her in the first place). Bobby has one year left in office to do his evil bidding, and then bye bye! Hopefully Perez will be in jail by then, next to Annabi, and Kaplowitz will be a has-been, along with Pee Wee Astorino.

  8. The people in Yonkers she represents were in force Dec 15 at the Yonkers Library at a rally condemning her and what the 7 Republicans and Kaplowitz did.
    There were no words of love or respect for Perez.
    Words used were Offended, Betrayed, Lied To, Fooled, and other less than complimentary comments from members of the community were spoken. People with children, the elderly, the ones who use public transit, and just plain concerned citizens turned out to bring to the public attention this disgrace.

  9. not hard to understand on

    Oren – the people at an anti – Perez rally would not be complimentary to Perez, obviously. However that was not representative of the entire district. It was a union sponsored rally and like every advocacy group – they had an agenda.

    When Perez ran she said she’d be independent. She has been. She lied to no one.

    Many Democrats want to see compromise and cooperation in White Plains and are relieved that the budget got passed with fewer cuts than Astorino wanted.

  10. Nice try virginia on

    You lied to your creditors including the city of yonkers when you promised to pay them. That’s for sure. Just like the you screwed them, you screwed your constituents. You are independent alright. You are out for yourself.

  11. Perez doesn’t care about selling out the interests of her constituents because her new friend Bob has promised her a cushy and high-paying job in his administration should she lose her re-election campaign this year.

  12. Let me get this straight on

    The WCA honored a politician who was collecting unemployment before she stiffed businesses and the city of yonkers to the tune of 600k just days after getting sworn in? Hmmmm.

  13. Hey straight, the economy sucks & lots of people are filing for bankruptcy. Have you missed the news for the last 4 or 5 years?

  14. But they did not hide the fact that they were a half a million in the hole from voters, receive an award for their fiscal work from a “business” counsel or take a trip around the world afterwards.

  15. You mean you lost all your money to the bankers on wall street during the Bush era as a result of the collapse of the economy because of sub-prime mortgage derivatives? That’s how you lost your money right? Banks lent you money you could never pay back so that they could wrap up your loan with similar shi-ty loan and sell them to investors like 401ks and government retirement programs with a AAA rating courtesy of Moodys and the like.

    Then why are you supporting these same neo-con policies by supporting bobby? Please note that you can’t claim bankruptcy again for another 6 years or so so I wouldn’t go out and borrow another half mill from the “business” community that you are unable to pay off. Given your credit rating, I am sure you couldn’t legitimately borrow money from anyone so I guess legitimate business have nothing to fear. Your stupidity is a real problem. You should come to terms with it before you really hurt someone.

  16. Lets play word games! Ignacio ~ change a couple letters and you got ignorant! Yo yo yo ~ speaks for itself, and come to think of it, so does “Stupid is as stupid does”. Yep, in poker we call that a “tell”. You can’t help but give yourselves away.

    Virginia Perez is not stupid. She was smart enough to finish college and invest in her community by purchasing a multi tenant dwelling in the poorest part of Yonkers rather than go buy a 1 bedroom Co-op in the NE. She borrowed money, like many homeowners, to improve the apartments, making sure each tenant’s apartment was a home in which she herself would want to live.

    When the economy collapsed many homes on her block went into foreclosure. I don’t know the exact number but it was in the double digits. Anyone who purports to understand business would understand that being upside down on your mortgage is not necessarily a personal, and certainly not an ethical, failure. I give her credit for staying in her community even after her brother was murdered there and working to organize crime patrols etc.

    You all are cowards calling a Spanish speaking Black woman stupid from the safety of an anonymous blog. How enlightened of you. You’re entitled to believe she “betrayed” you, but you’re not entitled to continue to lie and call her stupid without being challenged.

    One final note – just because she traveled after a grueling campaign lasting 10 months, where she worked 7 days a week, you use that as some “evidence” of something? How do you know who paid for the trip? She’s a young single beautiful woman.

    Call her at her office, have a conversation with her, then come back here and say that she’s stupid. It won’t happen.