In Letter, Rockland Dems Issue Warning to Carlucci


The leadership of the Rockland County Democratic Committee issued a warning in a letter to Sen. David Carlucci last month, knocking the Clarkstown Democrat for joining in on a power-sharing agreement with Senate Republicans.

In a Dec. 10 letter, the Rockland Democrats’ executive committee accused Carlucci and the Independent Democratic Conference of having “again turned your backs on us” while warning it may withhold their support in the future. The week before, the IDC announced it would form a coalition with the GOP to control the Senate, leaving the main Senate Democratic conference in the minority.

“We cannot guarantee you our support in the future if you continue to buck the Democratic Party,” the committee wrote to Carlucci. “We will not be used as a tool for your personal political gain.”

The letter was first reported by the Rockland County Times this week.

In an email, Rockland County Democratic Chairwoman Kristen Stavisky said the letter “speaks for itself.”

“The Democratic Party believes that every candidate elected on the Democratic line has an obligation to their constituents to join the Democratic conference, rather than empower the Republicans,” wrote Stavisky, whose husband Evan is a partner in The Parkside Group, a political consulting company that is a favorite of Senate Democrats and has also worked for Carlucci.

Carlucci said he has a “good working relationship” with the Rockland Democrats’ leadership committee and said he’s helped the party get candidates elected to local office. He said he’s not concerned about the warning in the letter and has since met with the executive committee.

“I’m going to continue to put the politics aside and serve the people of the Hudson Valley,” he said Thursday. “That’s really what I’m trying to do is to stay away from political games and focus on policy. I’m a Democrat to the core and I’ve been able to work to get Democratic legislation passed.”

He said: “At the end of the day, I think I’ll have the support of the local Democratic committee.”

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  1. Rockland County Democrats should be congratulated for stating what needed to be stated. There is nothing worse than a traitor to the group that supports and works on fund raising for a candidate and then that candidate announces that he is joining the party of NO and obstruction.
    Republicans would be doing this and more to anyone of their politicians who defected after benefiting from their right wing business fundraising and receiving contributions from Republican and right wing PACs and secret overseas contributors.

  2. Albany Observer on

    Oren is right, and Bonnie is right wing. The GOP faithful love a Dem who helps them with their agenda – he’s “reasonable”. A Republikan who did the same? He’s a sell-out.

    Klein wants POWER and for now, he got it. Valesky is scared of his right leaning district. Savino is angry, Malcolm did it for revenge, and Carlucci is along for the ride. Thus will all come to a bad end. The Republikans will dump them the minute they don’t need them. Foolish Young Mr. Carlucci.

  3. Mr. Carlucci wishes to stay away from “games” but has just played a big and underhanded one by joining this group in order to empower Republicans. This is a traitorous game, foiling the will of the people that finally achieved a Democratic win in both houses. Now, that is game that must be ended by whatever means: I think a recall is the way to go–and soon.

  4. Joining the opposite side is the definition of a traitor, the Democrats are more than willing to work with Carlucci since they supported him — even after this foolish act.
    To think that the Republicans will be working with him is naive at best; they are there to “work him” for sure.