Astorino planning major fundraiser in Westchester exec race


The state GOP put out an invitation today to a big-ticket fundraiser for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s reelection campaign. Astorino, a Republican, has a major head start in the money race, with $2.2 million in the bank as of the January campaign finance filing. One Democratic rival, Noam Bramson, the New Rochelle mayor, had more than $525,000 and another, Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins, had $218,000. Legislator Bill Ryan, D-White Plains, is also running but had not started raising money as of the filing.




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  1. Qualified Sure on

    Every one of Astorino’s appointees and soon to be awarded contractors (see other blog entry re his big push NOW to issue capital project work) will surely be contributing BIG TIME to keep their cushy unqualified jobs and to keep getting more contracts based on how large the corporate and secret contributions will be .

    Oh how sad that this little man is using the needed Westchester County repairs and Westchester County capital project work and using Westchester tax dollars for his own personal re-election efforts.

  2. I would make sure on

    that virginia pays for her ticket in cash bobby. I wouldn’t accept a check from her if I were you.

  3. ’bout sums up the comments so far.

    How low & pathetic you all are. Why don’t you grow up & act like adults?

    Since the county’s finally start to run smoothly, for less money & few have complaints, you try to make something out of nothing which is about what I’d expect from the Democrats.

  4. Qualified Sure on

    Keep posting from your county computer in the county office building….yet the truth still stings…