Westchester plans $800,000 project to lessen flooding on Bronx River in Greenburgh


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has sent down a bond act to pay for the restoration of more than three acres of wetlands and river banks to help ameliorate the flooding problem on the Bronx River in Greenburgh, he announced today.

The work would be done north of Fisher Lane and east of the Bronx River Parkway. It is one of seven planned flooding projects along the river and the Sound Shore estimated to cost $9 million.

“It is important that we target achievable projects in problem areas in order to reduce and prevent future flooding,” Astorino said in a statement. “The causes of flooding in this county are a result of many complex factors that cannot be fixed overnight or without significant capital investments beyond the means of the county. But the county can and must continue to do whatever it can on its own to address this problem.”

The project includes removing invasive plants, replacing culverts, regrading and stabilizing the river banks and planting native vegetation.

Photo: The Bronx River Parkway at Main Street in White Plains is closed in both directions due to flooding May 17, 2011. ( Frank Becerra Jr / The Journal News )

The county statement describes the other projects:

Last year, four of the seven capital projects targeted by the Astorino administration for funding were along the Bronx River. The three other Bronx River projects include:

• Mount Vernon/Yonkers: Oak Street pump station rehabilitation. Cost estimate $450,000 to $500,000; construction is underway and will be completed by late summer/early fall.

• Yonkers/Eastchester/Scarsdale: Bronx River channel re-alignment and bank stabilization at Garth Woods. Cost estimate $1 million; design to commence later this year.

• Eastchester/Yonkers: Harney Road vicinity stream bank stabilization and channel modification. Cost estimate to be determined; design to commence later this year.

Two additional projects were identified by local municipalities as priority flood-mitigation projects and were proposed to the county for implementation with a local commitment to fund at least 50 percent of the total cost. The county will fund the balance. They are:

• Larchmont: Drainage improvements along Pine Brook at the Boston Post Road (Route 1) crossing. Cost estimate to county $2.3 million; awaiting a revised cost estimate from village.

• New Rochelle: Hutchinson River culvert replacement. Cost estimate to county $2.5 million; awaiting word from the city as to how and when they want to proceed on design as well as the municipalities that will participate (Scarsdale and Eastchester).

Lastly, the county proposed the replacement of a sewer line on Anita Lane in Mamaroneck. The removal of the center support structure currently in the river will contribute to flood mitigation. Cost estimate is $2 million; design is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2013.



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  1. Lector Dirteein on

    After holding them up he now is all in favor because it is his election year.
    What a cold heart Astorino has to play politics with EVERYTHING and to only approve what is needed when it suits his personal political benefit.
    His pompous statements are simply so transparent to thinking people.

  2. North of the Hutch on

    Lector, you liberals (I mean progressives, no wait I mean lefties) will stop at nothing.

    I guess you’re just embarrased Astorino’s doing a good, no excellent job, and you’ve got nothing to complain about.

  3. Qualified Sure on

    It is clear that the Republican camp is chafing at this affront to decency and common sense after 3 years of delay and obstruction by Astorino re capital projects.

    Every one of Astorino’s soon to be awarded contractors (see other blog entry re fund raising event) will surely be contributing BIG TIME to hi campaign to keep getting more contracts based on how large the corporate and secret contributions will be.

    Oh how sad that this little man is using the needed Westchester County repairs and Westchester County capital project work and using Westchester tax dollars for his own personal re-election efforts.

  4. North of the Hutch on

    QS, what’s wrong w/you? What’s your beef? Stick to the topic & leave personalities out of it or you should be banned from posting.

    Many many people think the couny’s been running great since the Democrats lost their super-majority on the board. Its too bad that Astorino had to deal with that obstruction for 2 years. I bet you’d rolled over to the Feds on the housing setttlment too.

  5. Qualified Sure on

    Keep posting from your county computer in the county office building….yet the truth still stings…