Anti-Frackers Unveil New TV Spot


Opponents of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas unveiled a new television ad Wednesday, targeting Gov. Andrew Cuomo as his administration moves toward making a decision on whether to allow shale-gas drilling to proceed.

The ad will air in the New York City and Albany markets, according to New Yorkers Against Fracking, a coalition of drilling opponents. It’s being financed by Washington D.C.-based Food and Water Watch, and it’s not clear how often the ad will run.

The TV spot is an updated version of a nearly identical version that aired in the Southern Tier last year. It features a handful of Pennsylvania residents detailing their problems with the natural-gas industry. But the spruced-up version of the ad seemingly ups the ante — including a picture of a cow alleged to have died near a drilling rig and more specific tales of apparent human health impacts.

Again, the updated ad begins with an image of Cuomo and ends with urging viewers to call the governor’s office. His administration faces a Feb. 27 deadline to finalize a set of proposed fracking regulations or allow them to expire. A separate environmental analysis has to be released at least 10 days prior, while the state Health Department’s review of the potential health impacts will be completed “in the next few weeks,” according to Commissioner Nirav Shah.

Here’s the ad:


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  1. More scare SPINN from the Anti-Good paying jobs people.

    They don’t want New York to have good paying jobs that provide you with money to buy a home, raise a family and send your kids to a “good school”

    Fracking means “JOBS” and good paying “Goods”

    It is time to tell all these ANTI-JOBERS to go fly a kite.

    “Happiness is Fracking” and all those good paying “JOBS”

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

  2. Gee, real people telling us about real experiences. Of course, then there are some who have bought the propaganda provided by the gas industry in the many full page newspaper ads and TV commercials. I have seen driniking and household use water delivered to about 30 homes, I have been on a well site that had to be closed down because the casing failed, I have seen water wells vented so that the methane fumes don’t get inside the nearby houses.

    I know who I believe.

  3. Safe Water Boy on

    SHAME that common sense has evaded NYS DEC and Gov office and TV ads are even needed.

  4. The people in the commercial are a tiny sampling of horror stories showing why we do not want fracking in NY, or anywhere for that matter! Where there is fracking, a few get temporary monetary gain, while everyone gets pollution and contamination. The overdue, necessary switch to sustainable energy gets kicked down the road yet again, and the climate spins ever more out of control.

    Come on Cuomo, show some leadership.

  5. Because I live in a NY town on the PA border, I have been able to persoanally see and hear Pennsylvanians who have been affected by gas drilling. It’s good for Albany and NYC to get an idea of the impacts on real people.

    I am also proud that our Southern Tier region is creating good jobs in sustainable ways, such as through the SUNY Binghamton 2020 initiative, which will create a Smart Energy Center as a partner to the existing Solar Lab and add more students, faculty and staff to our community. This will also work with the high-tech incubator program to create additional private sector businesses, besides generating more jobs in construction and businesses that support the increased population. These are the kinds of things we need to add jobs that stay in the area, not the boom-bust that we are seeing from PA drilling, where the bust is already starting to set in as drillers move away from dry gas areas such as ours.