VIDEO: Sen. Ball says Cuomo using gun law to run for president


Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, gave a fiery speech to less than 1,000 gun-rights advocates outside the Capitol today, saying the gun law passed last month is aimed at helping Gov. Andrew Cuomo run for president.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be with 2,000 of the newest criminals in the state of New York,” Ball, who has been a vocal opponent of the law, yelled to the crowd. “And sure as sh-t, I have never felt safer in this Capitol than with each and every one of you, right here, right now.”

Ball said the gun law pushed by Cuomo and passed by the Legislature goes after law-abiding gun owners, saying when lawmakers “get north of 125th Street, they don’t know where the hell they are.”

“This piece of legislation that was rammed down our throats had one goal — that man there: Governor Cuomo’s intent on being president of the United States,” Ball continued, pointing to the Capitol.

Ball said for two year Cuomo wanted to be the “reincarney” of Ronald Reagan and “now he wants to be the remake of Joe Biden.”

Ball said Cuomo’s dip in approval, as polls have shown, is the result of gun law.

“They would rather focus on turning law-abiding people like you into criminals than going after the real problem,” Ball said. “Because what’s the real problem? We have kids getting killed in inner cities every day. Those kids are being killed with illegal guns by criminals.”


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