Another felony plea for former Sen. Shirley Huntley


A former state Senator from Queens pleaded guilty to a felony Wednesday for her role in a scheme to funnel state money through a non-profit organization her associates controlled.


Former Sen. Shirley Huntley, D-Queens, entered her guilty plea in state court in Nassau County Wednesday. She admitted sending a falsified letter to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as part of a cover-up in the scheme, in which she directed a state grant to the Parent Workshop that was pocketed by the group’s president and treasurer.

The state charge against Huntley came after an investigation by Schneiderman and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

“Former Senator Huntley betrayed the trust of her constituents and her public duty,” DiNapoli said in a statement. “State officials must be held to the highest standards.”

Having deja vu? There’s good reason for that.

Huntley pleaded guilty on Jan. 30 to a federal conspiracy charge in a similar scheme involving a different non-profit, Parents Information Network.

Huntley faces up to five years in prison for the federal conviction, and two years for the state conviction.


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  1. See “WATSON” another day of a “DEMOC”RAT” pleading guilty.

    I know I will be attacked for say it but so far it has been all “Democ”RATS” and many from way from “QUEENS”. or a “QUEENS connection

    I wonder “WHY”

    We have yet to see what the AEG Scandal has to offer us if it is that the “FEDS” are hot on the trail.

    Once a Republican is indicted I will scream that TOO and I will scream to the rafters

    But for now it is all DEMOC”RATS” and just another example of why “ALBANY IS THE SCANDAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”

    So I say again join the “WATSON REVOLUTION” and make “ALBANY THE NANOTECHNOLOGY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”, and make New York that “EMPIRE STATE” it once was.


    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    To The Moon, Mars, and Beyond