Details slim as JCOPE sends ethics investigation to Legislature


The state’s ethics board on Wednesday said it has completed a substantial investigation and forwarded its findings to a pair of legislative boards, which must release the results within 45 days.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has been investigating Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office for its role in a settlement paid to two employees who had accused longtime Assemblyman Vito Lopez of sexual harassment. But while Silver has acknowledged cooperating with the probe, the 2011 state law prevents the ethics board from revealing whom is under investigation until it is finalized.

In its statement Wednesday, JCOPE did not reveal who is in the crosshairs of its recently completed probe. The findings were sent to both the Legislative Ethics Commission and the Assembly’s ethics committee, which have the ability to levy sanctions.

“Given the nature of this matter, the Joint Commission urges the LEC to act expeditiously,” the statement reads.

Both Lopez and a top assembly aide are also believed to be part of the probe.

Lopez was censured by the Assembly’s in-house ethics board after two other employees alleged he harassed them. He was stripped of his seniority and the perks associated with it.

But Silver came under significant criticism after it was revealed he had OK’d a settlement in June that included a non-disclosure agreement and required the state to pay about $103,000.


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  1. Good Evening “WATSON” just another day at the Scandal Capital of The World

    JCOPE has produced a report, “Middle Class Mike” is concern that “Good Speaker Silver” may have to “Resign” he is just sick over it.

    “Sex in The Assembly” is a “DEMOC”RAT”IC scandal and just another example of why Albany is The Scandal Capital of The World.

    The leader of the GOP Minority was no place to be seen in this battle he was hiding under his “DESK” in his “FANCY” office.

    When he could have been leading the charge of Firing Shelly and hiring Wave Chan.

    So I say again joint the “WATSON REVOLUTION” no more Albany BS


    There will be many more Scandal as the days and weeks and months go by this is the ALbany Way Scandal and corruption.

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