Pro-life groups want Andrew Cuomo to show his hand


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said an abortion bill he’s working on will be different from an existing, controversial proposal, and critics are challenging the Democrat to release his plan to the public, Gannett’s Jessica Bakeman reports.

From Bakeman:

Opponents of the abortion bill — mainly conservative groups and the Catholic Church — want to see Cuomo make his bill public so it can be vetted.

“The governor ought to put the bill out there, if he has a bill, and let people see what it is instead of this secrecy, which we’ve seen so much of lately,” said Dennis Poust, director of communications for the state Catholic conference.

Poust said he hoped the women’s rights bill wouldn’t be hastily passed through the Legislature. He pointed to the state’s new gun laws, which were introduced, approved by both chambers and signed by Cuomo in less than 24 hours.

Public hearings on the bill would allow for adequate debate, said Jason McGuire, executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a conservative policy group with Christian leadership.

“We’ve long talked about this process of good governance, and the governor has this mode where he throws the legislation out there, and there is little time for comment. There is little time to act,” McGuire said. “And then he rams a bill through.”

Poust and McGuire criticized the governor for saying now that the bill would be different, when he committed to passing “a Reproductive Health Act” in his State of the State.

Women’s groups that say they are working closely with Cuomo on the legislation explained that the 10-point package is large and complex. It cannot be crafted quickly, they said.

The groups’ comments came after Cuomo discussed his still-not-introduced bill with reporters Sunday before delivering a speech at the state Assocation of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators caucus weekend in Albany.

Here’s Cuomo discussing his proposal:


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  1. Joe Fitzgerald on

    NYS is called the abortion capital of the nation, with 4 abortions for very 10 pregnancies. It is killing babies in excess of 600 for every working day. Governor Cuomo screams in his State of State, “…pass my Reproductive Health Act so NYS can do better.” By doing better he of course means kill more babies. NYS needs to change its name from “Abortion Capital” to “Baby Killing Capital”. Gov. Cuomo, the abortion Governor is following in the extreme pro-abortion footsteps of our abortion President, President Obama. They are truly waging a tyrannical war on the right to life of he unborn.
    We now know much more scientifically, biologically about the pre-born than we did 40 years ago. Such knowledge overwhelmingly determines that human life begins at conception. Across the nation legislative movements by states
    overwhelmingly favor insuring greater protection for the pre-born, not less. The NY Times confirms this in a recent editorial, 19 states have adopted 43 new laws placing greater restrictions on abortion with few if any moving in NYS’s direction. National polls show over 80% of the people support greater restrictions, or stated another way greater protection for the unborn.
    Thomas Jefferson says, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Another famous quote(author’s name escapes me), “Not to speak, is to speak. Not to Act, is to Act.”
    The people of NYS and the nation to speak out and to act to defeat Governor Cuomo’s horrendously wrong bill and to stop the state’s and the nation’s “slaughter of the innocents”.