NYSUT files lawsuit over property-tax cap


New York State United Teachers, the state’s largest teacher’s union, said it is filing a lawsuit against the property-tax cap signed into law in 2011.

The tax cap has been a hallmark of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tenure, and it limits the growth in property taxes to 2 percent a year.

But the teacher’s union has railed against the cap since it took effect in 2012, saying it creates inequities in schools districts because wealthy schools would be more likely to override the cap. It takes 60 percent of the school budget vote in May to override the cap.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed today in state Supreme Court in Albany.

“We believe very strongly in the principle that every student, no matter where they live or go to school, should have the opportunity to receive a quality public education,” said NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi in a statement. “In challenging the constitutionality of the tax cap, we are fighting for that principle, just as we are fighting for the democratic principles of ‘one person, one vote’ and for the right of citizens, through local control of their schools, to determine for themselves how much they want to spend on their own community’s schools.”

The union said it is contending that the tax cap is unconstitutional because it arbitrarily caps property tax levy increases. The cap is based on the rate of inflation each year. This year it’s 2 percent.

The lawsuit is also expected to challenge the “one person, one vote” principle, arguing that the 60 percent supermajority required to override the tax cap is unconstitutional.

Cuomo has hailed the cap as limiting taxes in a state with among the highest property taxes in the nation. Almost all districts stayed within the property-tax cap last year.


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  1. Good After noon “WATSON”

    I want you to meet the enemies of New York they are the Teachers who have been raking the State, and Local governments dry.

    No amount of money makes them “HAPPY” they want more and more and they don”t care if they are driving up property taxes sky high.

    In the last election they spent Millions to elect a “FRIENDLY” Democ”RAT’ic State Senate, they already have the Assembly in there pocket.

    We need to put a stop to them once and for all and maybe replace them with “EINSTEIN” a 3D learning computer that will teach students in the class room and be able to interact with them.

    They could lean from a 3D image of Socrates or Plato, they could see the burning of rome and talk to “NERO”.

    Yes “EINSTEIN” and 3D teaching is the way to go.

    I am sure “WATSON” and his “ILK” could create “EINSTEIN” and make it come to life in a 3D image and be a better teacher than what we have now.

    I know not all teachers are “BAD” and but as long as the belong to unions that destroy the tax base and say MORE MONEY is the answer then they are “ALL BAD”

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    To The Moon, Mars, and Beyond

  2. Horth of the Nutch on

    Yes by all means, let’s have a Senate owned by the oil and gas hydrofrackers. Keep the GOP in power !!!!!!

  3. & what’s your solution to our energy problems? Import more from the Arabs? There’s a real solution.

  4. Horth of the Nutch on

    Ho hum. Another “stump” speech by Bill.

    So when the gas comes out of the ground in Upstate New York, the O & G corporations won’t sell it to Americans only to make us energy independent. They will sell it to the highest bidder to make profit. They’ll liquify it and sell it to the Germans or the Japanese.

    The jobs will go primarily to their existing work crews Texans and Oklahomans, not guys unemployed hanging around the local Stewart’s Shop in Elmira.

    When its all said and done, some local folks will make a few bucks – the diners and bars and hookers.

  5. Horth Vader, please do tell more of your fantasy.

    We’re all ears and want to know about your delusional scare tactics.

  6. North of the Hutch on

    Yeh the relentless blogging by the far left preaching how we’d all be better off with a bigger and more government is getting tired.

    When will they realize government doesn’t exist to create jobs. Maybe this guy/girl Horth would be better off moving to Europe somewhere rather than trying to change the fabric of our society.