Read NYSUT’s property-tax-cap lawsuit


Here’s a copy of the lawsuit filed today by the New York State United Teachers union against the property-tax cap adopted in 2011.

The lawsuit challenges the cap on seven counts.

“The tax cap places an undemocratic and unconstitutional supermajority requirement on votes for school budgets seeking to increase the school funding tax levy by more that 2% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less,” the lawsuit reads.

“The apparent purpose and practical effect of the tax cap is to limit the ability of school boards and school district voters to increase school funding beyond that permitted under the tax cap, and to deter efforts to exceed the tax cap.”

It was filed today in state Supreme Court in Albany.

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  1. The teacher’s union will stop at nothing!

    Anyone who voted for the Senators & Assemblymembers who support this or who are supported by the teachers union need to get their heads examined.

    In Lower Westchester that would be Cousins & Latimer in the Senate & Paulin & Otis in the Assembly. I can’t imagine any of these politicans being that popular to only listen to the unions. Then again they did get Latimer elected and I’m sure that’s where his loyalty is and not with the taxpayers footing the bill.

    With these types running the whole show, we’re doomed. Fortunately for those of us paying taxes, the Democrats in the Senate were too dysfuncitonal to even form a majority.

  2. North of the Hutch on

    Yeh I bet all those who voted for George Latimer are having second thoughts. I’m sure his true colors will show who he’s aligned with (Hint: its not the taxpayer!).

  3. Dream on boys….saw Latimer yesterday and people love him. Billy and North are out of step GOP crybabies. They are not connected to the Westchester mainstream…

  4. I’m with you 100% Governor Cuomo. We pay a ridiculous amount of taxes while our children are failing miserably compared to the rest of the world. Teachers retire in their 50’s with guaranteed pensions, have five months off each year, are tenured so they can’t lose their jobs, receive TWO raises (contract and STEP) each year, and pay almost nothing for health insurance. The average taxpayer retires at 67 with no financial guarantees, has one month of vacation, receives pay cuts and no raise on a regular basis, pays thousands of dollars each year for health coverage, and can get fired if they don’t perform. I’ve had it with the teachers and their unions. Wake up NY taxpayers and parents!! New York needs to raise the retirement age for teachers to 67, switch them all to 401K plans, require they pay their fair share for health coverage, have real annual reviews where the deadweight gets fired, add two months to the school year and eliminate STEP raises. Forget about the “1%”, public union employees are the real privileged class. Taxpayers and parents have had it with the cozy relationship between the unions and their paid-for politicians. Every taxpayer needs to ask their representative if they are pro-taxpayer OR pro-union. If they say anything other than pro-taxpayer you need to vote them out. There are three hardworking taxpayers for every union employee in New York. We have the votes and we have the power. If MICHIGAN can become a right-to-work state then so can New York. Enough is enough with these public employee unions.

  5. I love it when the liberal elite try to come out swinging on something but miss the ball by miles like our friend Larch whom I’m willing to bet has never worked a hard day in his/her life.

    Words from anyone who’s hanging w/their state senator on a regular basis need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    And funny how Latimer would go to any length to protect our highly paid teachers but never go to bat for those creating employment opportunities in the private sector.

    How’s that ever going to help those less fortunate make it in this world?

    Well said Harold!

  6. Horth of the Nutch on

    I love it when the conservative elite spew their anger and self-righteous sarcasm at any and all who don’t buy their prescriptions. The pick their enemies and hammer at them relentlessly, as if the intensity of their anger will somehow make others believe in them. I don’t know about Larchmonters, but I work as hard as bill or any of his ilk, but I simply don’t buy the constant conservative clap-trap. It is refreshing to see that time and time again the majority of people in these parts don’t buy their baloney. People are much smarter than you give them credit for – they see high taxes, but they know their life is far more than blogging daily to complain about it. They see the totality of their lives and enjoy New York far beyond griping about dollars and cents.

  7. Why is it so many move from NY right after they retire? Because its too expensive to stay & live in NY plus its cold, but its a nice vision of NY that you paint. One that’s so expensive that people leave in droves.

    And the teacher’s union will look on & wonder aloud, I don’t know why people are leaving we have the highest & best paid teachers in the world with excellent health care and a pension to boot. Dont worry bout those low test scores, we’ll get you a job somewhere in government. Its not what you know, but who you know!

    Remember support teachers, just not the teachers union!