Tea Party writer to run against Astorino in 2013 Westchester exec race


WHITE PLAINS — A Tea Party activist is the latest challenger hoping to unseat Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in the 2013 race.

Kurt Colucci, an anti-tax writer and former teacher from New Rochelle, said today he will formally announce his candidacy at 11 a.m. Friday at the county Board of Elections at 25 Quarropas St.

Colucci said in a statement that while he backed Astorino in the 2009 election, he has since grown outraged by the first-term Republican’s “political gamesmanship” of borrowing to control taxes.

“Rob Astorino lied to me, lied to the Conservatives, lied to the Tea Party — and I am fed up,” Colucci said. “It’s a sham job, and he can’t hide it forever.” Colucci did not respond to a request for further comment.

Colucci has helped organize several Tea Party rallies in Westchester and is the author of the 2011 book “A Taxslaves Manifesto.”

Also challenging Astorino are three Democrats: Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins of Yonkers, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and Legislator Bill Ryan of White Plains.


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  1. Kurt Colucci is being put up by sneaky troublemakers who won’t even show their faces. He’s a fraud. This is all a petty political ploy by non-conservatives. How long has he been a Conservative, barely a year?

    Mr. Colucci neither represents the current Tea Party movement nor does he have any connection to Conservatives in Westchester County. This man’s candidacy is a game. He is being put up as a destructive spoiler by people who don’t care one bit about the taxpayers in Westchester.

    For the record, Rob Astorino has only been honest with Conservatives and Tea Party members throughout Westchester — and we’re proud to have supported Astorino in 2009.

    The only “sham” here is why Kurt Colucci is running. It should be very interesting to see who shows up at his press conference Friday (and who doesn’t).

    Bob Fois

    Chair, Eastchester Town Conservative Committee

    Corresponding Secretary, Westchester County Conservative Committee

    Current member of the Westchester County Tea Party

    Board member, Rethinking Westchester Government

  2. Are you still living in your mom’s attic bob? How old are you now? Get off the nipple and get a life.

  3. Colucci is nobody’s pawn – but he is a certifiable right winger who is outraged by both Astorino and Democrats.

    Now, when Perez and Kaplowitz break w Dems that’s OK. When Klein and the Gang break w Dems that’s OK.

    But when a Conservative strays off the script, why its “a destructive spoiler by6 people who don’t care one bit about the taxpayers in Westchester”.


  4. Rob Astorino is doing a great job as County Executive holding down taxes.

    The only people backing Colucci’s candidacy are self-serving hypocrites who believe Astorino owes them something (ie. – donations, patronage, contracts, a job). Some are attorneys who will take the money and run. Others are working with Democrats. A few have a hobby slandering and libeling people. There are even one or two behind Colucci who openly threaten people, who use the newspapers and blogs to publicly harass people — like what you just did to me.

    Are going to shake me down now — with a paper bag on your head?

    Maybe Federal prosecutors should take a close look at who is backing this candidacy.

    For the record, Colucci has never reached out to Conservatives. He never reached out to me as a Conservative and he has my phone number. Kurt knew me well enough on a friendly basis to ask me about the Conservatives and Rob Astorino. He’s never done so. Kurt knows firsthand that the new Conservative leaders are accessible and friendly. He didn’t reach out to any of us. He didn’t try.

    He’s a rogue being put up by non-conservatives to cause trouble — witnessed by the anonymous anti-social comments above. You fools prove my point.

    By the way, Colucci hasn’t attended a Tea Party meeting in months. Now he’s changing his registration last minute to do what, impersonate a registered Conservative? He just woke up one day and decided to run for County Executive on the Conservative line?

    Where was Kurt Colucci when good citizens were cleaning up the Conservative Party? He was nowhere to be found. He’s never carried a petition. He’s never gone door to door to get signatures to help any candidate get on the ballot. He’s never gotten involved as a volunteer or gone to a local meeting.

    He’s a fraud. This is a fraudulent scheme. It’s all a sneaky game.

    More important. taxpayers throughout our county won’t be served well by this corrupt nonsense.

  5. How was Dinner bob? on

    What did mommy make you for dinner last night bob? Mac and cheese and hot dogs?

    Harass? Federal prosecutors? Fraudulent scheme? Sneaky game? Corrupt nonsense? Threaten? Libel? A little paranoid wouldn’t you say bob? Definitely self absorbed. You really are not that important my fat short friend.

    Don’t look now bob, but I think that there is one of those obama drones circling your mommy’s house! There must be vast progressive conspiracy to take your nobody a– down! God speed!

    -The bag man

  6. "Federal Prosecutors" bob? on

    You mean like the ones who convicted your messiah astorino’s father, the dirty ex convicted felon cop from mount vernon? Oh. I forgot. He pleaded guilty.

    And don’t forget to show up today for the cushy job astorino gave you my little fat little 47% friend.

  7. Horth of the Nutch on

    I don’t care about Bob Foise, whoever he is, or for that matter, Collucci. I have no respect for those who simply toe a party line, and change their tune to suit their party. I fund on these blogs a committed cadre of conservatives who bash every Democrat, personal attacks, following the national GOP playbook of seek and destroy your opponent. They are silent when their side errs. They simply want p o w e r

    I blog only because I get so fed up w their vitriol. Astorino won in 2009…the only significant GOP win here in years. Westchester is a Democratic County now. For yeeeeeears it was Republican and they made no concession to Dems. They redistricted brutally as they saw cut to retain power. Now, as their star waned, they cluck and peck and strut and screech in the barnyard.

    We need smart, progressive leadership, not the last gasp of Divide and Conquer. Only the minority if voters wants the GOP here.

    If the Dems bring out their majority voters like they did in 2012, they don’t need Collucci to beat Astorino.

  8. Local Taxpayer on

    I like Rob Astorino. I voted for him on the Independence Party line. I would have voted for him on the Conservative line if that was available in 2009. I intend to vote for him on the Conservative line in November, if I can.

    I don’t understand the problem here. We don’t need a Kurt Colucci or a Johnny Bag of Donuts running a primary against a good public servant like Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

    The county portion of my property taxes hasn’t gone up since Astorino was elected. He kept his promise. What’s the problem?

    What’s the expression? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  9. What's Up Doc? on

    Oh this is just Doc Cavallo getting all upset that he couldn’t get anyone hired sight unseen without showing the county a resume.

    Next up will be Rory Bellantoni or some other stooge running on the Independence line.

    Fois is right. It’s all a stupid game but those comments about Astorino’s father were cruel.

    Rob Astorino is a stand up guy. The sins of the father are nobody’s business but his own. Whoever posted that should be ashamed of himself (or herself).

  10. Watch out Local, the lefties are going to push hard this cycle, they can’t stand to see something operating smoothly or properly. Must be a spending issue, a lack of it that is and they want to spend your money in the worst way.

  11. We’re STILL the highest taxed county in the United States because of those liberal nincompoops in the State Assembly, starting with Sheldon Silver and Andrew Cuomo is starting to look like his father telling local communities to BORROW to deal with unfunded mandates.

    You wouldn’t catch me voting for a Democrat if my pension depended on it, as much as it does sadly depend on what those boobacrats do in Albany.

    Save us. Astorino has my vote at least.

    Lefties can push all they want. We’re pushing back!

  12. This is Zherka and Cavallo trying to run their silly shakedown scam…pathetic…amateur hour. What is helpful about this little sideshow is that it proves Astorino is not the right wing, tea-party guy that Jenkins and Ryan accuse him of being. You want Tea-Party? This Colucci Clown is Tea Party. (one of about 15 members in Westchester) Astorino has delivered on his promise of cutting costs and attracting new business to the county…and he’s done it with compassion for those that NEED the support of county services.

  13. Why not ask the on

    the 74 county employees who were laid off before christmas while asstorino continued to hire his campaign workers like fatty fois – and you- using taxpayer money who the tea bagger is imfrancis. Rob borrowed 50 million to keep the tax levy at zero just so he can claim that he deserves to keep his job. I would love for him to win this year just to see how he addresses this reality going forward but the fact is this ain’t a tea-bagger county. See you in november.

  14. Hey Fois. Your mommy monitoring your computer usage? You seem to be spending a lot of time on here lately. Now log off, take your ritalin and eat your vegetables.

  15. The pot calling the kettle black on

    I just heard Astorino’s campaign spokesperson (quoted) on News 12 demand that Colucci denounce his father’s purported facebook comments/images????? How about Astorino denounce his corrupt convicted felon cop father’s actions “what’s up doc”? What’s good for the goose…

    Astorino pulling the race and daddy card. Now I have seen everything.

  16. Rob Astorino suffer from small man syndrome. He has betrayed his base. He has borrowed millions of dollars to artificially maintain the statur quo on taxes. He has hired hundreds of cronies including that Baffoon, Hugh Fox for no show jobs. I voted for Rob Astorino and will not do so again.
    I am a tea party person, and I vote for Colucci.

    William D

  17. Those righties want to run your life. They don’t squawk when a few oil execs bump up gas rates. They’re okay when insurance companies determine whether u get health care or not. They only hate govt. They want control so they can wreck it. And when they do, the wealthiest will tell you what you must do.

    Those who advance the right wing agenda will use every trick in the book to get you to vote against your best interests.

  18. Telephone Operator on

    I work with Bob Fois in CMIC and have had the pleasure to video him while sleeping on the job. He is often not at work. He was out recently for a foot problem. We all have bets that his time is never deducted. The duties of the job are not difficult, but Bob seems to have problems and cannot perform the basics. We do not know if he has a severe learning disability. We are all basically glorified telephone operators. It takes Bob forever to answer a phone call properly, to assist the caller, and to properly input requests and problems on the computer. He does not know how to address an issue. We are tired of him asking so many stupid questions, and even when told, he asks the same question over and over. When the layoffs happened, we were all disgusted that all the Astorino flunkies were kept in CMIC and continue to be hired here. Voting this guy out!

  19. Engineering Dept on

    What’s up Fox? How is your no show job going? What’s up with not allowing the experienced engineers at the County Airport? Why are you, the most incompetent inexperienced person approving the work that engineers and architects should be approving. You are putting every county citizen in danger! The FAA needs to be contacted and informed. What’s up with approving work orders that are padded. What’s up with you approving all the contracts that Kevin Plunkett tells you to ahem, ahem ARBEN. What’s up with Kevin Plunkett calling contracts everyday ahem, ahem on the take? What’s up with you doing the dirty work for Kevin Plunkett CORRUPTION!

  20. This is funny.

    I have never worked in CMIC (Case Management Information Center). I didn’t cost anyone their job. Actually, what I do saves the county money. I work with businesses to help people get back to work — and I’m very at peace with the non-political nature of my position.

    Some of you have obviously mistaken me for someone else — but that’s okay. Just if you’re going to spend your working hours snooping on someone, at least make sure you have their name right. A number of are obviously county employees using taxpayer time to conduct political witch hunts.

    Time to find a new hobby, don’t you think?

    I’m glad the general public gets a chance to see some of you at your worst. Now they will understand why no one should sign your petitions or carry for any of your candidates. This foul game will play itself out soon enough.

    Maybe one or more of you will get around to using your real names, though I suspect most of you will be wearing paper bags on your heads most of year.

    It’s going to be a long campaign.

  21. Bob are you not one of the political patronage hacks who are now AGAIN collecting a Westchester taxpayer paycheck and benefits for your fat existence and who are posting comments on Lohud on County workday time – just like the other 70 plus hacks that Astorino has hired to work on his campaign by placing them on County “jobs” with no County work except for campaign work…


    914 995 4976 and isnt that where you take naps when not talking politics, sports, eating, or being away from the desk

  22. first we have to stop buying into the notion that the county executive, whomever he is
    has any control over your property tax bill..the county portion is about 18% of that amount
    80% is state mandated and out of the control of the county exec..that leaves about 4% which
    is actually controlled by the elected officials of the county…the rest is your school and town
    and state mandated costs..so even if the exec wanted to cut taxes unless he drastically got
    rid of the busses or the parks or the golf courses, or the pools ..he and the board can only
    marginally effect your property taxes..so the notion that colucci is a tea party tax cutter
    is bogus because even if he were to be elected he can do virtually nothing…the tea party did
    not elect astorino..spano fatigue did…and astorino has done a good job in using his bullly
    pulpit to attempt to control that portion of the county spending that he has the ability to control
    having said that it is clear that any criticism from the right is a smokescreen for those seeking
    payback for not alowing them to participate in the running of the county and that brings us
    back to a discussion of the damage that is being done to the two party system by the ability
    of minor parrties to cross endorse a major party candidate..giving the leaders of those parties
    power far in excess of the number of people registered in that party…new york is one of only
    six states that allow cross endorsements and there is a reason..it opens the door to poltiical extortion

  23. November Five, do you have a name or are you so lacking in accountability (and integrity) that you need to hide behind a pseudonym?

    My position is not funded by the county tax levy. Also, what I do as a job developer with my coworker reduces Federal, State and County spending. You have either been grossly misinformed or you’re a political hack looking to cause trouble.

    When I actually take a lunch, which is rare, I have been known every few months to post a short comment on LoHud — perhaps I can count on one hand the total comments over the past 18 months — nothing compared to the hundreds of comments generated by those disgruntled county employees backing the Colucci candidacy.

    And probably nothing compared to the thousands of comments you likely post anonymously while on the job.

    I have never slept on the job. I was back to work five days after an emergency surgery over a year ago. I am a dues paying member of the CSEA union. I waited nearly two years before I started working with Westchester County and I have a distinctly non-political job. I am the farthest thing from a political hack you’re going to find and I have the respect of my coworkers at the One Stop and the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) — where I hustle my ass off to get people employed and help businesses with job training programs.

    Frankly, I am so rarely away from my desk that my coworkers oke with me that I should remember to take a lunch. I am always on-site at 120 Bloomingdale Road, unless otherwise directed by my supervisors, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

    But this is typical of the muckraking and desperate personal attacks that will take place in this campaign — and I am neither the candidate nor am I being paid for any political work (nor have I taken or raised any money in connection with a political campaign since I started working for Westchester County).

    I’m just a target because I’m honest enough to use my real name.

    So to answer your question, I am neither in a “no-show” job nor have I ever slacked off on the job — and I can assure you that I separate my non-paid civic activity from my government job in all aspects.

    The misinformed inference you make about Rob Astorino that myself and many others were “hired to work on his campaign by placing them on County “jobs” with no County work except for campaign work … ” is woefully incorrect. To the contrary, we are held to a much higher standard and scrutinized more closed by the Astorino administration — and directly admonished for even a political comment on a blog during our lunch hour (while the union actively email blasts all day long, as do supporters of Mr. Colucci).

    If you have a difficulty that anyone working for Westchester County actually has occasional conversations among themselves about sports or politics or any issue of the day. you should get a life and realize that you just described every workplace in America.

    I happen to like where I work and I respect the integrity of my coworkers. I enjoy working with State and County workers, including many partners in the not-for-profit sector and businesses throughout Westchester County. For you to infer that any of us are slacking off on the job is insulting to the entire rank and file employed by Westchester County and New York State. We work very intensively at the One Stop to help people who are unemployed find work and we are all dedicated to assisting residents throughout Westchester.

    Whoever you are, November Five, please feel free to give me a call, and I will be more than happy to share with you what we do to help people.

  24. Frequent Flyer on

    Engineering I am really disturbed by what I am reading. I fly out of the Westchester County Airport at least once a week. If it is true that Hugh Fox is not allowing the engineers to over see the work, then FAA and others need to be contacted. Thank you for this information, making that call.

  25. just the facts on

    i wonder why the personal invective …..there are sufficient issues to discuss without discussing
    personalities…or accusing people of being hacks simply because they work for the county
    but the one question that has not been answered is whether colucci is going to be the choice
    of the independence party and if so why?

  26. Wow! All these comments remind me of the good ol’ days when Fois was fodder on the yonkers tribune blogs. I guess you did learn your lesson then fatty fois. BTW, are you really still living in your mother’s basement?

  27. Robert Astorino needs to immediately denounce his felon father and mob tied step brother. Will he?

  28. I learned that corrupt bosses can be taken down. I learned that a political party could be reformed; that a chairman can lead with integrity, that chairs can be trusted and that district leaders and volunteers are all important. I especially learned that a David could slay a Goliath in a county exec race — and Rob Astorino is the real thing.

    Yeah, remind me of “the good ol’ days” when Jim Cavanaugh as County GOP had the worst won-lost percentage in the history of American politics. Remind me when State Senator Nick Spano sent Westchester politics into the stone age. Remind me when Andy Spano as County Executive turned us into the highest taxed county in the free world.

    For the past ten years, I have been working my ass off to reform things in Westchester and I’m part of a good team that has succeeded. No hiding behind the keyboard for this blogger. My choice to use my name on here is a matter of honesty and transparency. The people who read these online blogs and newspapers need to know that those expressing their free speech on here at least demonstrate the credibility of an identity.

    I’ll take my chances with my real name attached to anything I write. I don’t know what to tell you about that paper bag on your head. The people in Westchester reading this stuff deserve better than unaccountable invective.

  29. Doc Cavallo trades endorsements for money. Independence Party has no platform. This is all pay to play. Republicans and Democrats are always whoring for this line. What’s changed is that Rob Astorino refuses to be shook down.

    Will there be Republicans “negotiating” for the Independence Line? Sure. There will be Republican County Legislators selling their fellow Republicans down the river to get Cavallo’s endorsement. There will be local supervisors, mayors and council candidates paying large sums of money = donations = to run with the Independence line.

    So now Doc wants more leverage forcing a primary against Astorino for the Conservative line. Notice Calucci said he didn’t want to run for county executive. This is political blackmail of the Astorino administration. Astorino doesn’t want to play or pay anymore, so Cavallo wants mutually assured destruction of Astorino’s appointees while Cavallo works a deal with the Democrats.

    Calucci is a spoiler, nothing else.

    It’s an open secret that Cavallo has private “detectives” stalking Astorino’s staff looking for scandals to have Sam Zherka publish in the Westchester Guardian. As for the “personal invective” being spouted, THAT is what is really going on here. Over the Christmas holidays, Cavallo’s vice chair Dhalma Vasquez used the CSEA union email list to email county employees dozens of email blasts for weeks ON COUNTY TIME slandering and libeling Astorino appointees.

    Even the Democrats are wondering why Vazquez wasn’t fired.

    I am not sure if any of the above counts as criminal activity but it sure doesn’t help the taxpayers of Westchester.

  30. if you have evidence anyone confering the endoresement of any political
    party in return for money…i suggest you contact the appropriate authorities
    and its about time that all of the major party candidates stopped begging
    for a second third and fourth line and if they all did that these minor parties
    would wither and disappear

  31. Evidence?

    The Independence Party has no platform. The endorsement interview has nothing to do with any issues. All they do is size you up for money. The invitation to their fundraiser is literally flipped onto the table like they’re dealing cards. That’s how you get nominated for the Independence line in Westchester County.

    The evidence has always been there.

    At least the Working Families Party and Conservative Party actually stand for something. They have platforms. Their endorsements are based on issues and principle. The Independence Party is all about the highest bidder.